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  1. You just summed up every Unity 4 game. You need to learn a thing or two about Unity and development before making such ignorant statements. There's 3 choices really: - Either Unity is **** and that's why every game developed on it is either some mobile game or an unoptimized pc title; - Or the devs just don't know what the **** they're doing but they just keep using unity because hey it's free lol Unity IS a steaming pile of **** when it comes to using resources efficiently. it is no coincidence that almost every game released on Unity seems to have the same problems. I unders
  2. I'm having a similar issue, except it's my character's portrait being blurred
  3. Doesn't work for me. And an off-topic question but why aren't there more graphic options to turn on/off? my game is noticeably smoother after turning aa off, it would be useful to have this kind of stuff out there.
  4. It's from the tooltips looping. turn them off in the game (I think) menu. then exit to main menu and reload.
  5. The other 5 characters are all companions so she's probably the mc.
  6. I pre-ordered the NV collector's edition and played it as soon as it was out. Unlike Fallout 3 whose bugs largely revolved around the odd crash NV actually ruined my save (and hours' worth of gameplay) due to steam cloud sync issues. A similar thing happened with NWN2 (also collector's edition, actually) at the end of act 2 I think, where some quest trigger was broken and I didn't have any save going back far enough to fix it. It's probably why I never actually finished NWN 2 (the fact that the early game is pretty terrible also wasn't much of an incentive to start over). As far as I'm concern
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