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  1. I think they're in for a tough time with all these names, especially with the subclasses... Perhaps they should have some suggestions that you can choose from and also be able to name them yourself.
  2. I'd probably cancel my pledge if they decided to incorporate Dragon Age or Mass Effect style "Romance". In my opinion that would be a terrible waste of resources. Besides, I'm pretty sure the point of these games is to be as unlike Bioware "RPG's" as possible.
  3. I'm not sure if I'm going to do an LP at this stage - my focus will be on trying to help improve reception and the best way I can do that is to make a comprehensive beginner guide, so that when the game unlocks for everyone, there's something that people can watch to help them understand how things work / how to play. While I'm sure you will produce some useful or maybe even good/great content, I am very curious why you have this opportunity? If you have indeed signed a non-disclosure agreement and/or simply will not comment further, I will confess to being rather disgusted. You're disgusted? What have you done for this game? So you backed the game. You got the game for under half price. How does that entitle you to getting it early? I can't stand Sensuki most of the time, but he's done a lot for this game, you can see that for yourself if you look through these forums.
  4. The maps are hand drawn 2D. They were never anything other than flat surfaces with some 3D effects on top of them to give the illusion of depth. They went that way mostly to maximize visual quality while keeping cost down and staying true to the IE games. That's incorrect. The backgrounds are created in a 3D program and then rendered into a 2D image. After that they might do a bit of paintover with Photoshop or similar program, if required. The same technique used in the original IE games.
  5. Finally some real gameplay! Everything looks so good apart from the animations. Everything else is exactly what I hoped for. Well done.
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