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  1. If we are talking about the last decade in gaming and rpgs. The big games have been more like fps-games in rpg-drag. The only recent game i can remember (that wasn't that) is basically Dragon Age Origins (which i liked). So i want that experience again. The top down thing that they are doing. Beyond that i think that a good story that makes me want to play "just another hour" is important. The atmosphere in the world-building is also important. A good example of that is that game Stasis (check out the alpha-demo if you haven't already). That game oozes atmosphere. But this was about the one thing i would want in the game. So i guess i would go with atmosphere. I think the the rest i mentioned just feeds into that anyway.
  2. There is a bunch of stuff i wish i had the time to play but the only thing ive actually played lately is Contrast. I'm a sucker for puzzle-games
  3. Complete shot in the dark but have you completed the managing pledge thing on the new backer site they just put up?
  4. I'd love to see another single player kotor as well but in all honesty it doesn't have to be kotor if it makes any sense. I want a rpg with a good story set in the star wars universe. One that is as good as kotor 1 & 2 was.
  5. Others have mentioned it this thread already but i'll just echo it. Pillars of eternity is a type of game that you should play with a keyboard and mouse. It wouldn't work well with a controller. The same goes for games within the RTS genre for example. There are others issues as well but i don't feel like i need to go beyond the controller issue as a reason why not to make a console-version.
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