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  1. I definitely remember my rouge having a voice before the patch, but now he doesn't and he also can't pick locks.
  2. I can confirm this too. My rouge is a custom character with the highest mechanics in the party. I tried to dismiss and rehire him, but he is still unable to pick locks.
  3. I think this thread should be moved to the tech support area, since it's not just a problem with the beta.
  4. Being unable to drag-select while over an enemy is definitely a source of annoyance. I too would like this problem fixed.
  5. Yes, creating more companions sounds like a good thing, but only if they integrate with the story, the already existing companions, etc. seamlessly. In that case, I think they would be a great addition. In fact, I have already increased my pledge. But I probably would have without the new streatch goals anyway...
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