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  1. Are Rangers being included? I always liked Ranger classes, not in the sense that they are necessarily archers but rather protectors of the wild. Think BG2 or LotR, that kinda Ranger. Equipped with typically (for me, anyway) a sword, bow and perhaps a spear. Some minor healing abilities and ability to calm enemy beasts and scan the ground for signs of whats ahead e.g. lots of wolf prints here so expect wolves ahead kinda thing.
  2. I agree in that arrow damage never really scaled as a character grew more powerful except for attack speed for the most part. Gj OP
  3. If mounts were to be incorporated, I am a strong believer that they should only be granted end game (lets imagine highest level is 24, you can acquire it at 22)
  4. Random to some degree. As somebody states, finding a sword/jewel from a rat isnt very likely. But some unique mobs dropping fixed items, sure. But you dont want your typical guys dropping a set amount of gold and the same items everytime. That element of chance/luck makes the loot drop more exciting I believe
  5. I definitely think multi-classing should be in place. When you look at the voters who state they dont use them/wouldnt use them, then how much does the ability to multiclass really affect you? Probably not much. As for balancing, etc, I like the way it worked in BG II. You could multi-class but it most certainly wasnt overpowered. Did it make for some interesting builds though and different ways to play the game? yes. I do think its important that playing a single class be as powerful as a multi-class and that a comparison of multiclass vs single class be similar to comparing a barbarian to a fighter. Both have their strengths and weaknesses and its ultimately up to you, the player, to choose which road you travel.
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