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  1. I bought the base on Steam but am still waiting for the Ambassador DLC.
  2. It's definitely not 6.99. You might have been looking at something else accidentally, or it might have bugged out.
  3. I was hoping we didn't have to wait until next week for the Ambassador program to launch, but it unfortunately seems so.
  4. I think my mistake was linking the ios to android or something, because now my Asmodee account is the correct account, but whenever I launch the app, it goes to the wrong account. On top of that, I am forced to log in to Asmodee manually every single time I launch the app to get to the correct PFID. Truly annoying. I hope there will be a fix soon. I didn't wait for the 10% and just ended up buying the base Steam version. Here's hoping that upgrade DLC and the linking comes soon and fixes all this.
  5. Every time I fire up the app, it reverts to the wrong PFID because I tried to link my android and ios. I have to login to Asmodee to get my proper stuff back and be able to access my daily gold for example. The most annoying thing is every time I launch the app, I'm logged out again, so I have to do it over and over.
  6. How do we know what we are supposed to get as far as quest rewards go?
  7. Question: Would it be too difficult for you guys to add the lore for locations and scenarios to the cards? Like the flavor text for the locations, for example?
  8. With the PC release coming in 2 days, I am hoping you guys come out with the info about what people who already purchased stuff on mobile are going to get REALLY soon.
  9. Is there any way to read scenario descriptions or location descriptions in the digital versions? I only see the rules, but not the flavor/lore.
  10. They said that quest mode was causing bugs with the normal mode and that they didn't have the resources to maintain quest mode. I agree with you that quest mode is really great thanks to the randomness of it, basically making the game endless. Let's hope the game sells well, so they can expand the team and keep adding content. I don't think they are making enough at the moment. We could also help by recommending the game in more places...so many people haven't heard of it.
  11. Beamdog mentioned something about having a D&D license to make a new game after meeting with WotC and they did mention something about choosing to base it on 4th Edition. Games I've been playing are: Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, Divinity: Original Sin, Wasteland 2...looking forward whatever "Adventure Y" is from Beamdog (which appears to be set in the Baldur's Gate series), and Pillars of Eternity (of course), and Torment: Tides of Numenera. Numenera is truly an epic setting.
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