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  1. I wasn't looking at anything accidentally. It was $6.99 after the update, when I purchased it. Soon after the dice tab in the store became unresponsive. Now it's back up and listed again at $39.99. If it was a bug, that's fine, just refund my money and remove the purchase from my account.
  2. After the update when I was trying to get my Runelords bundle purchase to show up, I went through the new store exclamation marked tabs and the Legendary Dice Bundle was priced at $6.99! Thinking that part of the update was a new price structure, I bought it. Two days later I get my receipt from iTunes and I've been charged $39.99! I'm currently in touch with Apple to try and resolve this, but they suggested in the last e-mail that I mayneed to contact you. Currently, I can't access the Dice tab in the store, so you must be aware of an issue.
  3. Same problem here. $25 is an awful lot of money for any mobile game, but especially one that is this buggy.
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