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  1. Just another fan waiting on news of POE2 Easily one of the best series I've played in a long time and wonderfully reminiscent of the classics that inspired it.
  2. Yep, what I've seen to date is quality. They already said they would hit the current stretch goals in the op, the original game is not at risk as such. Its a simple question of more money for more content.
  3. Brilliant update, love seeing agile/scrum (even elements of waterfall) all merged together with vast experience on the engine and some of the worlds best RPGs to produce such quality. These are my favourite type of update, YES please keep them coming!!! Also gives a chance to appreciate just how much goes into elements of the game. Maybe some sound, quest and dialogue build process next time? I think creature/model creation process was covered briefly before. Thanks again for the great update.
  4. Do you have a link which details this? Project Eternity Update #44: The Rules of (Melee) EngagementThe vid And the post http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity/posts?page=5 In BG you could essentially just run off, now it seems you pay a price. All in the interest of giving melee characters more presence, great idea and should make attacking the back lines a bit harder
  5. (As usual great new class, great law and interesting mechanic etc... exactly what we have come to expect). One issue I can see, due to new fleeing engagement penalties coming with Eternity. My question is around fight mechanics, when it comes time to power up in melee will I have to be careful in how we engage i.e. Will the ciphers be able to wear armour? and if so will they suffer any caster like penalties for wearing this armour? This is actually made even more important by the melee engagement move penalties that have been introduced with Eternity. Will the cipher be able to rock up and tank some damage wearing armour while soul whip does its thing or will it be more of a rogue type mechanic where we flank and backstab/soul whip while hoping we aren't noticed. If they can't wear armour yet they happen to pull aggro for some reason, and we go to pull them back....running with engagement penalties...crit...gg Not complaining at all, it's an interesting part of the class. It didn't really matter with BG as you could just run away, at least this makes it interesting Others have mentioned the increased micro but I couldn't find anything specifically answered on armour, and any such caster penalties it might attract. Sorry if its already been discussed, and thanks for the effort that goes into making this something new and interesting.
  6. Great point, some kind of defense could make for an interesting game mechanic and "play out" of character choices (making them great for some battles and less useful for others). Perhaps it is an ability being researched exclusively by the Dunyrd Row to give them a strategic edge should the peace give way, or possibly the natives aren't telling the animancers everything they know.... and yeah I agree the concept art is great,... ahh mind flayers... what an annoyingly fun part of BG2 you were.
  7. Great back story, really grounds the class with some history and a present day context, but still leaves some mystery and imagination in the mix.
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