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  1. Obsidian lost me as a loyal customer. Do whatever you want, I will NOT forget this. I hate spineless people with no integrity. Bye Bye.
  2. Yes, the devs failed somehow because of reasons unknown to us people outside. They for sure didn't plan to fail and I'm sure they are also very unhappy as the situation is. At least they are going to fix it, some devs are dropping dead after a cluster**** (well, I wouldn't call PoE a cluster**** btw.). So the whole problem is communication, which would help a lot for most peeps, and the timeline. I'm also frustrated, but I'm positive this will get fixed somehow, so there is no reason to punsih Obsidian with to overly harsh critics or even insults. Things didn't work out as they should, but gi
  3. Thank you very much, much appreciated. Well, I guess I'm a bit out of luck as GOG user, because it is unlikely they will upload the patch on a holiday (which I can understand, I'm also happy to have some days off and I guess you guys would also be happy if you could release the patch today to have some/more time off). Well, maybe I get surprised, but most likely I can' relax with PoE on the holidays. But at least the steam users will be happy.
  4. 1. It's absolutely not pointless to show that you care about your customer base. It's not about percentage but about things like "Today we gave our current build to our testers and we hope to get positive feedback the next 2 days" maybe followed with "Unfortunetaly we have to take a deeper look at issue XYZ and have to rework the patch, we expect to fix it until the evening" ... this would show the customer that you actually care a lot, it would calm people a bit as they feel the progress and it would take a PR/community manager maybe 1 hour of the day to keep such updates. This would help to
  5. Ah yes, planes never crash, cars never gets recalled by the manufacturer... Ah, yes. You missed the point entirely. As far as I can tell, civil planes crash by a multitude of things but not by bad design. Maybe the German "Erdnagel", but this was some other issue. Software is complex, but coding isn't magic and errors are made because someone made mistakes while coding or because something wasn't thought through entirely, they don't "just happen", they are flaws made by people. It is not about 100% bug free, it is about obvious bugs and the gaming industry which pulls this stunt nearly ever
  6. Yes the german translation is absolutely crap, I will play in english. Obsidian isn't either aware how terrible and embarrassing the german translation is or if they just don't care how the german community will react ... well they will learn soon enough.
  7. 1. After starting the game and having some other application in the background stealing the focus OR alt-tabing out of the game will freeze the graphics so the game is working in the background and the mouse is moving, but I get a still picture. 2. Aftter the introduction and hero creation the game crashes right after showing the camp. This is one of those really sucking Unity related problems, a pitty you chose this engine ... Logfiles: Crashlog_and_outputlog.zip
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