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  1. Well I got bored and started looking for that post about excessive shadows in shops in MMX and the developers acknowledgement of that and found this ....>> http://www.reddit.com/r/tabled/comments/1w1xae/table_iama_we_are_might_magic_x_legacy_team_we/ Look for it a few questions down.
  2. I was going to say you may be blaming bad coders/programming on the engine. No engine has more respect out there than the Unreal Engine from Epic for example but that didn't help Too Human did it? You want to look up a game with a crap reputation and terrible reviews look no further than that one. It's problems definitely weren't from the engine. In MMX land.... The people making those reviews must have crap PC's. I see some drags in the heavy forest areas of the overworld that's about it. I certainly get no lag in shops. The worst bug I have run into at this point is fairly often no
  3. There's no hate on my behalf. But I would've expected a retro-style game with pretty low system requirements to run stable at least. That's not what people are reporting, though. The game seems to stutter like crazy when outside in the game. This is the same conclusion my friend came to after a few hours of play. Dungeons and towns work somewhat fine then outside it's pretty much unplayable with FPS dropping to around 10. If I had purchased a game that's so badly programmed it runs at 10 FPS I would be pretty negative too.
  4. Seems like the problem with MMX is a bad case of over-ambitious developers going totally crazy. From the forum on Steam I've read that they basically overdid it with their graphics. Number of shadows in shops are extreme making it a laggy experience to go in shops. They used something like 1200 high poly assets for a simple floor-tile which is insane (just passing that knowledge. I'm such a noob when it comes to programming, I basically can't say wheter that's too much or not but from reading the Steam forum it's definetly not the best decision by the dev's). Looks like they made a game that w
  5. Well it looks like I gotta take back those words I said earlier about the Unity Engine. I just seen Blackguards being played and it looks pretty smooth running on Unity. I could argue that it's turnbased and so on but it looks as though Unity functions pretty well if games are programmed properly. Seeing Blackguards made me get my hopes back up for PoE.
  6. I like the notion that Josh mentioned looking into a melee ranger possibillity but I can still see why rangers might have an increased affinity for ranged as that would make sense in my understanding of a ranger as a sort of woodsman/hunter type who ofcourse hunts with ranged weapons. If they end up being viable for the frontline as a sort of fighter-ish type I would rather hope that they have some sort of disadvantage in something like lighter armor. On another note I'm really into the concept of the swashbuckler rogue type that's great in a one-on-one standoff but suffers greatly when b
  7. Glad to hear your MMX is behaving allright. My friend who bought the game has huge FPS drops, missing sounds and other ackward performance problems. This is a common problem as a quick look through the games forum on Steam can assure you of. So it wasn't pointing at the beta but the actual finished release and a thing I recall from the Shadowrun Returns was a bit of the same with crappy audio stuttering, severe loading times and so on. That's what makes me think that there is indeed problems within the Unity Engine and as I said I have still to see a game that performs good or at least stable
  8. I'll probably go for an Orlan rogue with a personality/borderline disorder. "You want me help? You got it?" "You want me make heroic deed? Beat it, dwerp!"... That sort of character (guess it used to be called chaotic neutral). Gotta say the cipher looks pretty sweet as well. My first pick in CRPG's usually end up being wizards or rogues to make most use of intelligence or charisma based skills which makes for a great RP experience (conversation skills, tinkering with traps and gadgets and things like that).
  9. I gotta say I sort of enjoyed Shadowrun Returns although it didn't offer me more than one playthrough. What my biggest concern regarding this game is, is the use of the Unity Engine. I meet David from Unity3d back in 2003 when his company was a very small business in Copenhagen and while I wish him all the best I never really liked the engine he and his co-workers developed. I haven't played any game based on that engine that hasn't disappointed me. Shadowrun Returns included. I haven't gotten any info on the Wasteland 2 game and how it performs but seeing how the new Might & Magic X is ba
  10. Nice update! I've always been a huge fan of rogues in CRPG's as they offer a nice variety in terms of combat and roleplaying options. One thing I do hope for is that there will be some RP skills attached to that class (like "bluff", "Intimidation" and so on as known from D&D). In general I've always liked the sneaky, charming rogues and do hope that their class will have an lean towards stats as Intelligence, Charisma and ofcourse Dexterity instead of being a pure combat class with focus on Strength, Endurance and Dexterity. Just sayin' ..... About the rangers companions: I was wonderi
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