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  1. "The Hunted: A Game of Medieval Magic, Mischief and Mayhem" "The Hunted is a game of medieval magic, mischief and mayhem. The society in which the game takes place is one of great superstition. Many believe in omens, portents and the supernatural. In this culture witches are real, monsters lurk in the night and what’s scariest of all is that they might be your friends, neighbors, or even family.The church is constantly battling the encroaching heretics, keeping the seed of corruption from spreading within their communities. Those who are found to be against the church are killed for their crimes. This is where our “heroes” come in. They have been called by a mysterious Dark Benefactor. It gives them power and leaves them with one purpose: Chaos. They are to personally see to the downfall of the three authority figures, The Lord of the Land, the Priest, and the Watch Captain. They are to remove these people from power by any means necessary. The characters must maintain the façade of living normal lives while working against the community. This will not be an easy task, however. The player characters must build their strength and power by causing mayhem in the town, if they hope to stand any chance against those who would stop them. The authorities will not take kindly to this however, and do everything in their power to stop the impending chaos. The town will become more paranoid, neighbor turning on neighbor, brother turning on brother. Homes will be searched, blood will be shed, and people will be burned in an attempt to root out the heresy. The players’ actions will decide who will be the hunter and who will be… The Hunted." $595 of $2,000 goal https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/875266084/the-hunted-a-game-of-medieval-magic-mischief-and-m It's a bit of an underdog but it sounds interesting enough, a little bit of everything in that you cooperate while somewhat compete to survive.
  2. I don't believe it's been mentioned yet. Demon the Descent, the newest gameline in the World of Darkness from Onyx Path (previously known as White Wolf), currently has a Kickstarter going. It's been running for fifteen days now and is currently succeeding (successful) at $102,749 with fifteen days to go. The genre is spy intrigue with "techgnostic espionage," citing "The Matrix," "Burn Notice," "Person of Interest," "Fringe," and more as inspirations along with John Le Carré books such as "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy". From my reading of what's available, I feel confident in saying you can (eventually) be a Bond or Bourne or Bauer or a (B)amalgam. Pretty excited to play this someday http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/demon-the-descent-prestige-edition There will also be an AMA later today at 2 pm EST (presumably) in this section: http://reddit.com/r/rpg I'll try to pop back here with the actual link when it's posted. Think that's it for now though. *shambles off*
  3. I backed Red Aegis but I might not stick with it. The concept is cool---progression through family dynasties---but I probably need to cut back lol. Reason I'm bringing it up is I secured the last $40 tier slot which entitles the pledge to any SGs reached during the course of the campaign. I'll have a better idea around the five day left mark as to whether it's worth it for me to remain with it and as a courtesy I wanted to let anyone here know when I'll be releasing that slot if I do. If I do and it's of interest to anyone, please PM me. I'll wait two days before releasing it otherwise so as to give anyone else that I can't talk with a chance to pluck it up. Sorry if any of that sounds unsavory.
  4. I think the game to which I'll be linking is worth support. It's called Project Maiden and it's a Zeldalike. There are two aspects to the game that distinguish it for me. The first is the central conceit: As you progress, you need to give up powers to progress. Such a mechanic brings with it organic difficulty. You can choose whichever order you want to release powers and skills which will mean that some areas will not be accessible where others are. This builds in natural replayability. Privation of abilities to the player rather than empowering is something I don't see in games unless self-imposed. For more details on this, I hope you'll check it out. The second thing has to do with the creator of the game and his team respectively. They want to make this game freely available once it's been produced. You could donate $1 now (or nothing if you want to be like that *teardrop*) and when it's done still receive the same thing that someone who has put in more will get (short of tier specific things that are not a part of the game like physical items). The newest stretch goal revealed shows that there is a gaiden (side story) to Project Maiden that he also wishes to make available gratis in the same way that PM will be. I believe such generosity should be acknowledged and encouraged as the creator and co. could have went traditional---try to make money. That's still what is desired down the road via voluntary Pay As You Want but not mandatory. To be clear, the game has made its initial goal and a little more. The current SG is for New Game Plus w/commentary (self-described as going to be like Half Life 2). It's about $600 away from hitting that one and I really hope it hits that at least. The side story is $15k which would be 4k more past NGP. Sorry if this was too lengthy but I thought some window into why I think this is a worthy project was needed. There's basically 24 hours left (24 1/2 I guess) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1507109559/project-maiden Thanks for reading some or all of that.
  5. All the working drafts are up for pre-PP pledgers to Chuubo. I'll make inquiries as to whether the Dropbox with all the backer files will be accessible to PP pledgers as it was for KS people. Each update was a big factor for the initial people and anyone who might be interested here should get the same opportunity. I'm sure something will be worked out. In the interim, I'll pass on two other PnPs that somehow eluded the very thorough and helpful rjshae (I didn't know about half of the ones listed just now so not a big coup bringing these here ) I'm still making my way around here so I'll have to write out the names before the link. They won't display neatly. Sorry. I'll try to otherwise be as helpful and informative as rjshae. Barbarians of Heavy Metal the RPG: It's described as a post-apocalyptic rock & roll RPG in the 31st century. It uses a version of the BoX system developed by Simon Washbourne and utilized previously/presently in Barbarians of Lemuria. I've tried to do some sleuthing re: what that is exactly but divorced from describing Lemuria I wouldn't be able to find out. They want to bring back traditional PnP RPGs in the sense of packaging everything you need into one thing, which they try to do in regular and novel ways. The novel one being an app that can run and apparently holds everything needed (Android only for now). Also in print and PDF. From a cursory read of Heavy Metal though, it seems like a tabletop Brutal Legend (a videogame by Double Fine about heavy metal that mixed third person action-adventure with strategy games). Could be fun. $5,286/$15k with 22 days to go. The first link is pre-KS chronicling the construction of the game. Next is for KS itself. http://www.strangestones.com/category/games/barbarians-of-heavy-metal/ http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jabberwockymedia/barbarians-of-heavy-metal-the-rpg Mechanica: Empires of Blood and Steam- "A unique game combining steampunk and material from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, set on an alternate earth full of horror." $2,927/$3,750 with 27 days to go. Their description seemed concise enough to let it speak for itself. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1383358712/mechanika-empires-of-blood-and-steam-core-rulebook
  6. I promise this is the last Chuubo post. The KS campaign had a crazy last day. It went from me being a little skeptical that there'd be a completed second supplement book for Chuubo. Enthusiasm took over though and that book is not only secured for $15 pledge and up but two more goals were reached. The reason I'm bringing it up here is the print version of Glass Dragon funded with a relatively small window for people to avail themselves of (8 hours). In the event that such a scenario occured, Jenna Moran decided to open up PayPal for a week for anyone that either wanted to purchase that printed book or pledge at all be it for Chuubo Core or more. And here's the less altruistic reason I bring this up: From the beginning, there were slim possibilities that Nobilis 2e or as some call it, "The Great White Book," would get a revival. It didn't look like it could happen because of how slim the 80k Chuubo Glass Dragon was for fruition. It concluded at about 90,100. If we can hit 95k before July 23rd, pledgers from $50 and up will receive a PDF of a newly created Nobilis 2e. I bring it up here because I've heard many people have wanted it back for a long time. All of this is new to me so I want my first crack if possible. Chances are decent it will happen I think. 7 days with 4900 left needed---700 a day. New pledges and people increasing preexisting should make it so. In the off chance one person checks this out though from all these words, this is worth it. No more jibber jabber. I'll post the original KS page and the current link to where payments are being made now. If there are any questions, I'll try to answer them. Original Page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1710667762/the-chuubos-marvelous-wish-granting-engine-rpg Current Page for PayPal (along with Eventual Complete Successor I believe): http://imago.hitherby.com/2013/07/fortitude-the-glass-makers-dragon-in-print/ Just so it's not all about the coffers, here's two that I'm looking at but haven't pledged yet. Might have already posted the link to one but I don't remember. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/deluxe-w20-changing-breeds http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1176616619/shadows-of-esteren-a-medieval-horror-rpg-travels For Esteren, you can download the Prologue book at drivethrurpg.com to see if it's something you want to pledge. They have a link in the KS to go there. For Changing Breeds, you can click a link at the KS page to a Read Only document for a rough draft of the entire book. I know this was pushy but I hope it doesn't dissuade from just giving a look at Chuubo if nothing else. Thanks and have a good night/morning. And now I really will get some sleep.
  7. Absolutely fair. Thank you for the courtesy and I'm sorry if that came off confrontational. The site I was referring to is: drivethrurpg.com They have virtually all of WW/OP and other prominent game lines as well. In addition to housing PDFs, they also do POD for books which ensures they can be made at all in many cases. It's a one stop destination for QuickStart rules for many games. They also have different sites that accommodate different niches like card games, comics, fiction and other mediums. In reading about a game I missed on KickStarter, I learned of one other outlet that caters to small presses specifically. The cool thing about this place when I found it is they tend to have more substantive free downloads for larger game modules than a QS. The address follows below. Before I post it though, I want to emphasize how cool the place is. I DLed 15 products of varying size without submitting a credit card or anything. So there's no bait and switch like many services (generally speaking) where you might get a 2 week trial but have to give info to use it. It's generally appreciated by the publishers if you choose to pay but it's not required. Currently you can get the core for FATE (I chipped in $5 when DTRPG hosted the "Pay What You Want") and a few other cores/extended previews. Down the road if you like the stuff, support supplements or get a second copy at some level to help the pubs. http://www.indiepressrevolution.com/ There's a topic below this that has a link to Eclipse Phase for the core book which they offer for free, though with slightly less bells and whistles I believe. During the KS for an expansion to EP, they informed us that an EP-FATE and vice versa conversion document is being made. It's not free yet though and it's still in the works. I don't have the link handy but there's a program out there that provides support for Exalted and the KS for that game hit one goal which provided official support from WW/OP to these guys for Exalted 3E. It'll still be free for people to use. The program allows you to keep track of custom charms and effects along with other things. I'll have it for next time. Thanks again for giving me the chance and if there's anything objectionable please let me know. I'd like to be a bona fide member in general even though I've only availed myself of this forum so far. Should get some sleep now
  8. Barring an official PnP RPG, what systems would you guys use (if so inclined) to use the PE setting as it's known to us so far? Or alternately, what do you think will end up being the best system to adapt (more speculative with less need of knowledge to entertain a thought---the lazy man's version )
  9. I'm kind of honored to post here representing rpol.net It's a Play by Post site and they run near everything as far as my newbie eyes can tell. It's free to sign up for and they have lots of tools already prepared there to my knowledge such as character sheets and dice rollers. Enclosed in the spoiler tag is every system they run officially. Worth noting though that the list will change as systems become available or added upon such as Mummy: The Curse, one of White Wolf (now Onyx Path)'s newest series. As it states in the opening paragraph, I couldn't edit the list as I'm offering a presentation of it. Now in the opening post, it's written that any commercially linked site address would be taken down. Does that mean you're opposed to linking outlets where game materials can be bought? The reason I ask is White Wolf/Onyx Path have partnered with the largest (tmk) distributor of both electronic and printed PnP media in order to consolidate and revive old and new iterations of their game lines. So if I wanted to buy the 20th Anniversary Ed. of VTM and not pay an exorbitant price from a seller at Amazon, the un-named venue is the best place to do it. A web search will bring it up in a minute or less but I'm not sure why it couldn't be put up here. I'm unaware of other game lines re: distribution and whether they have their own or use Anon. WW always appealed to me more than D&D or GURPS (which I had no awareness of until my second foray into this hobby) or others by lack of knowledge. On that note, one more freebie courtesy of Mr. Gone, a big fan of WW/OP games. He makes character sheets for all of their games that are well-regarded both by the gaming community and the developers. There are also links to fan-created games that use the shell of the WOD realm to play settings of their choice. I'm a fan of the different versions of Highlander which would be great to play some day. http://mrgone.rocksolidshells.com/ Anyway, regardless of whether I can post the place I predominantly buy my books from I'm glad I could offer up these two nuggets.
  10. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1710667762/the-chuubos-marvelous-wish-granting-engine-rpg? The Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine is the current project by Jenna Moran. She created Nobilis and apparently bits of Exalted that are in high regard. Like Nobilis, Chuubo is a diceless PnP. It's a very flexible system that allows (and sometimes encourages) for multiple genres to be used. Have you ever wanted to play Adventure Time in a PnP? Doable and in the wheelhouse already of Chuubo. It celebrates the convergence of the small (you keep your room tidy and enjoy ice cream) with the large (defeat the God of the Underworld with your cleanliness and penchant for melty confection). This is the first warm and whimsical RPG I've explored and I have a long way to go. There's about 36 hours before the KS finishes. It's about 8k away from hitting the final stretch goal but at the moment it's 900 from hitting a miniature stretch goal. As a campaign, it's been similarly peculiar as the game is but very generous. I think anyone who appreciates shows like Adventure Time or played Homestuck (which I learned about during the course of Chuubo) would really enjoy this game. You don't have to go by these garbled words of mine though. You can look at all the material currently available even if you pledge just $1. All of the working drafts for the Core Book and the first two supplements are available for perusal in a Dropbox account. It's an honor system here. From $15 and up, you're encouraged to keep the working drafts. Below that amount, it's hoped that you'll download and delete after review if the game isn't working for you. Sorry for the overly solicitous description. I'm just hoping it hits the last benchmark and I'm trying to impart some of the benefits/virtues (commercially) in the current standing. Also, I will only have a chance of playing in a game with those that Play By Post and this helps hopefully to that end if any of you both play that way and check this out should it catch your fancy. If I'd seen something about Golden Sky Stories sooner, I'd have jumped on that game so fast. I just learned about that game two days ago and it looks like a blast as well as being very generous to those that got in on the ground floor. Not sure if any of that actually addresses the OP and I know the rest probably won't. I'm mentioning this in the off chance that there are games of interest people can point me to in the future in this thread and I want to introduce myself. I'll try to use a spoiler box though to confine the verbiage. That's about it. Seems like a beefy first post to me . Sorry if it was too much.
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