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  1. Awesome! Cant wait. As to the poll: Ideally I would have liked a third option to have two "live" dates - one for us and one for the public - but that might not be practical either. Given the two choices here I voted for the first, although I hope that does not incur too much in the way of additional shipping charges to you all. Thanks for asking though!
  2. Indeed it is! And should be. I am not complaining about the hardness of hard... its appropriately hard now. I have not tried normal or easy mode yet, so have no comparison there. Since we were talking about the Ranger/Animal combo, my complaint, if you will, is that Animal dies way too quickly and then I auto lose the Ranger. And I dont like either part of that. I have been using all the standard equipment that the chars start with, so you bring up some interesting points. I may have to experiment with different weapon combos. And I may have to experiment with different tacti
  3. I made a Ranger/Stag combo in both 257 and now 278. While many things have gotten better in 278 that class combo has become weaker in combat. So, playing on Hard, fighting beetles and cultists underground, here is what usually happens, given my usual attack methodology. BB M initiates attack... Ranger and BB R fire blanks... err I mean arrows... Stag, BB F, BB P attack in melee. Against one enemy - enemy is usually overwhelmed quickly without the need for many spells(~1-2). Against two enemies - tough battle. Depends on using the correct spells at the correct moment. Against t
  4. Yes the Backer Beta is a good idea. No, participating in it does not (or should not) spoil participating in the final project. To say that it does, means that no designer or developer could ever enjoy something they created because they saw all the bugs behind the scenes. It would be the same as saying no one who worked on a movie could enjoy watching it because they saw all the issues. As someone who has been on both sides of the design/development process I can truly say that the feeling you get from designing/developing something and seeing it come true is much more positive than jus
  5. Hi all and Hi Oblivion. Introduction: At first I thought I would read everyone's comments before posting so as not to be redundant. I now realize that is a bad idea. For one, there is simply way too much to read and its not organized sufficiently. For two, reading other's comments was both confusing me and influencing my opinions. So I have cleared my mind of all that, because I want what I put down here to be virginal, to be influenced only by the experience, so as to give the Devs as close to an unvarnished opinion on things as possible. I also realize that redundancy of flawed iss
  6. Definetly miss having arrows and bolts of all types. If implemented though, I would want a very large stack capability (~10K). Yes I like to horde supplies. Agree its all easier with unlimited auto arrows but its missing something. I probably spent endless hours managing inventory in the IE games and enjoyed it immensely.
  7. I am replying to Josh's post number 341 to this thread. Posted 05 July 2013 - 12:57 PM I have not had the opportunity to read the majority of this thread nor did I have the chance to participate in the discussion but I did want to mention that I concur with the analysis and decisions that Josh has expressed in his post. "Endgame" Wealth: Personally I do not believe wealth is a large problem. In fact, I consider it 'normal' and 'expected', that it will grow over time, so attempting to artificially limit wealth would not be appreciated by me. Can you imagine this occuring in the "r
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