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  1. No, a single mouse movement doesn't matter. But when you're in combat with six characters, the character panels located on side, and the actions along the bottom... you can end up with a lot of screen traverses per combat round. You move to select a character, move down to switch to bow, move up to select the target, move to select another character, move down to pick a spell, move up to choose the target... It all adds up to lower efficiency and greater tedium. hmm... to be honest, when I played BG1&2, I've never done it that way. Even now, when I play BG EE, I choose a character
  2. "8 pre-made companions and 8 hired adventurers". What is the difference between one and the another? I belive that both have their own quests etc. etc. What makes them different? 'pre-made' are plot-tied, hired are not?
  3. You mean just like Baldur's Gate? Where every character had additional slot for alternative weapon and fighters had four of them? Dunno. I think I vaguely remember crushing weapons being better against skeletons but I may be making that up in my head. Are you saying the BG series also played rock/paper/scissors wrt certain weapon types being optimized against certain armor types? if I remember correctly in D&D rules used in BG & BG2, were hidden addictional -AC against damage types in every armor. for ex.: armor AC 0, -2AC against crushing, -0AC against slice damage, etc.
  4. hmmm... I had much over 100k gold in BG2 and I must say, that i liked how it looked in the inventory window ;p but it's true, that I bought every item I needed and still had soo much gold. it would be nice to have something to spend it for. I like the crafting idea.I belive there will be some armor sets, so it will be a good way to collect them fully and kill monsters wearing items you want to show them before they die I can't say that I like the idea of derubility on items in IE-like-game. I understand that my sword can breake when I parry an attack. Some time ago I played BG1 again (the
  5. Some of ideas for UI are really good (Karkarov, Morgulon), and sone of them not. One showed by the devs is also a nice one, but had some wasted space. I played in every IE game and other similar ones, but i can't say, that 'IWD had better UI than BG', or 'I didn't like ToEE UI'. Each was quite good and easy to play with. What I must say: combat log is a 'must-have'. Some ppl want to have it by the left/right side of the screen, but in my opinion it should be in the middle - just like in the IWD, BG, or even Gorasul (IWD2 had it for nearly whole width of the screen, so I think it counts too).
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