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  1. As title, I just find out Kickstarter Champion Edition has the exact contents as Digital Fun Pack, and only missing out the strategy guide. I do have the guide on backer portal, but do Obsidian/Paradox considering putting Strtegy Guide itself availabe to purchase separately as an add-on on Steam please? The price would be like either $6.99 USD or $9.99 USD. Thanks!
  2. Thank you Roby! I am fine to wait and looking forward you guys can resolve the issue! Here is something I can provide you. ] licenses_for_app 291650 License packageID 62850: - State : Active( flags 0 ) - Purchased : Wed Mar 25 13:14:16 2015 in "XX", CD Key - Apps : 291650, 329081, 349180, 349181, 349182, 349183, 349184, 349185, 351130, 351131, 358660, 358661, 358662, (13 in total) - Depots : 291651, 291652, 291653, 291654, 291656, 291658, 291659, 291660, 291661, 291662, 291663, 291664, 291665, 291666, 291667, 329082, 329083, 329084, (18 in total) My license Package ID
  3. Many people including me would prefer to get everything download in one place. Take an obvious example, we were all supposed to get just standard edition of the game key initially no matter which tier you are at. What the real problem is that Obsidian does not take add-on into consideration of which special edition you get on Steam/GoG. PS: I'll post some pictures as proof that only when you put both champion edition and royal upgrade in shopping list then you can get $15 off from the upgrade.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I have redeemed my copy of Kickstarter Champion Edition and put the upgrade in my shopping list, but it still shows me 45 bucks =/
  5. I am sorry for my That is Hero Edition to Royal Edition Upgrade. 89.99 - 44.99 = 45.00 The Real Champion Edition to Royal Edition Upgrade should be 89.99 - 59.99 = 30.00 And indeed my tone does not sound respectful. I tried to be nice, yet not receiving any reply from Support team for few days....
  6. As title, I haven't received any message from Obsidian Support team for a while. Seems those who got Digital Fun Pack and Digital Strategy Guide are gonna be screwed up by the policy Obsidian took. How about Obsidian release Champion Edition to Royal Edition Upgrade on Steam/GoG? We Champion Edition owners are stuck in an awkward position that either we pay $45 to get Hero Edition to Royal Edition Upgrade or buy a complete new copy of $90 Royal Edition. How about making a Champion Edition to Royal Edition Upgrade for $30? Obsidian can earn extra $30 from those who got screwed and still
  7. Please consider to grant those who have digital fun pack + digital strategy add-on an upgrade. (Like a Steam/GoG key to have your game upgrade from Champion Edition to Royal Edition) Or if you guys just can't treat us fairly due to complexity, please at least give us $30 upgrade purchasable option on Steam/GoG. So that we could pay $30 to get what we should have. [And yes, $30 more from our wallet.] Currently, there are only Hero to Royal Upgrade and Hero to Champion Upgrade.
  8. You should be able to download any of your rewards that were in your tier in the backer portal once those rewards go live. I know I can download via backer portal. But as you can see many complains back in the post, "Tiers to SKUs". Many people expect to have Royal Edition while they purchased Digital Strategy Guide add-on with Digital Fun Pack. It may look the same for you guys that we can download contents via portal. But most of us want to have all our things at once on Steam/GoG. If Obsidian won't provide us Royal Edition upgrade on Steam/GoG, we probably will try to buy Hero
  9. Got my key. Sadly it is Champion Edition. To be honest, I want to get update to Royal Edition while I have all add-on Royal Edition contains. There is even no Champion Edition to Royal Edition Upgrade on Steam/GoG. I may need to spend $45 to get What I have already paid for... PS: Contact Obsidian already. Haven't got any reply for more than 36 hours.
  10. To be honest, I hope they can release it on either Prima Ebook or Kindle Ebook so that I can easily manage all my ebooks!
  11. Thanks for the tips and the awesome video you make. Can't wait to play it NOW~~~
  12. It does not take add-ons into account. There is no easy way for us to map those keys. If you have add-ons you will have to download them from the Backer Portal. It is tough indeed, but please consider to make it possible! The weird thing was that digital strategy guide as an ultimate digital tier was bound to $80 tier, which include an additional copy of the game. Digital strategy guide was a $7 addon. But I don't need another copy of the game since there is none of my real life friend playing traditional cRPG. So I chose Digital Fun Pack + Digital Strategy Guide. This equals
  13. Hi, Obsidian, I purchased Digital Fun Pack at Kickstarter and Digital Strategy Guide with First Expansion Pack via Paypal Obsidian Pledge system. Will I get Royal Edition? To be honest, I don't want my contents download via Backer Portal, but more inclined to download via Steam. And apparently there is no upgrade option from Champion Edition to Royal Edition. PS: Royal Edition = Digital Fun Pack + Digital Strategy Guide Thanks! If I can only get Champion Edition in this case, please sell us Upgrade from Champion Edition to Royal Edition on both Steam and GoG. I feel my
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