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  1. A suit of armor does not need to be "grounding" in order to protect your organs from the electricity. Just like NothingToSeeHere and I have pointed out, metal armor that covers any part of your body protects that part from the passing current. Ideal is not a necessity here. Current passing through your heart is not the same as current passing through your bare kneecap. Being able to cover your heart is still quite important. The exceptions to this protection are like wearing the combination of a metal skull cap and metal boots because they make you less resistant to the current when compared t
  2. That's not true, armor is only the body part so you could wear non metal shoes/helmets etc. Also most armor will cover only 3/4 of the body. Mail armor does cover your upper body including the head. Even if only the torso is covered with metal, it protects the heart and major internal organs from the passing current. Also you are missing the point: Metal armor does not make you vulnerable to electricity, instead it protects you. Of course, if you are not just wearing a skull-cap and metal boots.
  3. I have read that mail and plate armors are weak against shock damage. If what is meant by shock is the "electrical" shock, this weakness is quite the opposite of truth. Plate, and mail armors are worn all over the body. It is not like wearing a metal helmet and have metal shoes. Since the armor covers all over your body, the armor forms a Faraday cage. The electrical current passes over your body instead of passing through it. The people who work with Tesla coils wear mail armor to protect themselves from the high voltage, any current just passes through the armor. I think the plate a
  4. ToEE was a fantastic game for tactical combat. Too bad the original game was butchered by the publisher. I really hoped that in project eternity they would follow the spirit of ToEE in terms of combat. Dragon Age: Origins, NWN and such was really mediocre games in terms of tactical combat due to the imprecise control and positioning dictated by the real-time with pause combat mechanics. Sadly, I have heard that RTwP was announced to be the combat style for P: E.
  5. I believe you have not played ToEE computer game. Otherwise you would not be as eager to say that turn based combat sucks. It's nothing like actually fighting. When was the last time you saw somebody say "Oh, it is not my turn. Please hit me sir." ? I can tell you the answer: never. I don't think such arguments serve any purpose. No one says "alright sir I will wait until you decide a meaningful course of action" either. Turn based combat can indeed be somewhat strategic or tactical or whatnot. But it's not combat. It's a stupid little game of silliness. RTwP helps make things more
  6. I have no idea how you would have a medieval world that wasn't an ongoing explosion of technology, especially in the Late Medieval/Early Modern period that all fantasy stories appear to be set in. Contrary to what Edward Gibbon said, the entire Medieval period is best characterized as period of history created by an explosion in revolutionary technology that brought the old Empires (in Europe at least) to the ground, and was defined by incredibly rapid and constant innovation in military technology at the very least. As to the topic at hand - I stand by my assertion that the best magic sys
  7. The social and economic impact of magic has been ignored for a long time in fantasy settings. I think this is a great opportunity to form a (somewhat) stable world under the effect of magic. Thank you for bringing this topic up. The socio-economic impact of magic is there if some thoughtfully considers the situation in a fantasy world. Lighting a furnace, driving some wind-powered devices, forming frictionless surfaces are some of the mechanically exploitable magical powers. As a mechanical engineer I can list a lot more if I go through the spell list of a D&D wizard and the spells' p
  8. The rules of (melee) engagement makes positioning a hard constraint in combat. That constraint, if not handled very carefully could make real-time combat too chaotic due to the unexpected movement from AI controlled characters. I don't think even pause and release type interaction would solve this problem which would lead to constant, annoying pausing. A natural way to handle this problem is to have turn based combat like in Temple of Elemental Evil computer game. Turn based combat systems are perhaps the most satisfying combat system for the tactical play. It removes annoying movement ra
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