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  1. I'd guess that depends on how/why new ones are made. If there's, say, a PoE 2, I could see a second book coming that further expands lore in preparation for that. In which case I can't see it being complimentary for backers of the first one. That's why I ask... But reading again.. "We hope that you can help us illuminate the contents of many more volumes in the years to come." COULD mean that there are plans to few followups. But if volume 2 should have something with planned expansion then I hope it would be complementary for all of us who have the first expansion in our tiers..
  2. I had to check my spam-box for both obsidian and kickstarter sent update. But it was sent.
  3. Glad to see this live and I'd like to thank you for giving me hope and delivering (this I will see but reviews indicate this) (o: And now I just wanted to ask - Collector's Book VOLUME ONE? Will there be volume TWO (three, ten, eighty..)? Will it be complementary for backers or will we have to buy it?
  4. Nothing. GOG doesn't work particularly well for distributing keys before the game is released. As a quirk of their system it will appear as though Mac and Linux is not supported. This is incorrect. It does support those versions of the game. It will start working once the game goes live. It's my understanding that the game is live on GOG now, but I'm still not being given the option to download a Mac version. I think the Mac version is up on GOG by now. Lythe, heh... me too (: In the credits as well.
  5. Adam, please tell Darren it would be nice to have the tiers matched with release edtions as much as possible on GOG (o:
  6. If I got it right this means that as I should have two separete versions, it would both be the same on steam and gog, and bonuses will be separated on backer portal? So it will be different approach where I was surprised that I didn't had all on secondary gog redeem and bonuses was just with primarily selected steam? And I'd like to thank you, congratulete you and let this last mile is without cataclysm (o: You all deserve it.
  7. HI... I just saw PoE preorder offer on UBI Shop. I have hope that there will not be any bonuses for different sellers that won't be available to backers too. I don't like this style of different bonuses and I can not say that I am happy to see that mainly crowdfunded project is willing to agree to this practice. As to that date format... there is not just one way to write a date.. (o: This one (locale) is popular in some small corners of this world (o;
  8. Would be nice if this book and Chris' Novella would be available prior to game itself (:
  9. Well... I thought te survey would be enough... but I still want to be on the list (: It would be Fangorn of the Obsidian Order (o:
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