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  1. When I started the game I crashed to desktop every third or fourth time I loaded a save game (or exited/entered the map) in gilded veil. It was very annoying and if I would have had to spend much much more time in that area I might have stopped as the load times were insane too. So I would wait for like 60 - 120 seconds for nothing each time. But after I left the area things got much, much better, I hardly ever crashed. Only very rarely. The load times got better too. But now I cannot play at all. Not because im frustrated or anything - which I am - but because its technically impossib
  2. It's just that you go through a lot with her and she is a long time (from bg1) companion. More so, she is torn between her duties as a harper on the one hand and her loyalty towards the mc on the other hand. Her voice acting is really good and reflects the pain of losing her husband, as well as her initial insecurities and diplomatically phrased doubts concerning the mc's true motives and intentions. She is constantly testing you. Probing if you are worthy of her, only to then doubt herself. She is drawn towards the mc but feels guilty for those feelings. Always trying to find a reason
  3. Cold hearted messed up wench. She was already hitting on me 20 minutes into BG2, considering what just happened and found out in irenicus' dungeon, that's way too soon. Totally messed up crazy in the head. Had to dump her from the party for her own good... Hm, I played the game a lot of times and never did I have the impression that Jaheira was "hitting" on me early on. She initially starts commenting on the friendship (if you are of good allignment and keep her in the party) toward the main character and shows general sympathies. But that hardly qualifies as open or agressive sexual adva
  4. All of this makes me also think about the whole resting system. I know that many ppl dislike resting but I have to say I got so used to the system in the infinity games that I believe I would miss such a feature. The whole idea that you only have a certain amount of spells before you need to rest has grown a lot on me over the years. Sometimes I realized I spent my spells too freely, only to realize that the area was heavily populated and whenever I try to rest I get caught by patrols. I like that. It forces the player to conserve a party's strength, gives combat yet another dimens
  5. The characters don't show any movement when idle apart from some very weak breathing movement or something? So it's clear they are far from the final version. But already I like how they look. The art style is perfect in my opinion and this is only a pre pre pre pre pre version. So far I love it.
  6. Hey Obsidian, I really liked that video. That was just cool. And I love how you go for a more realistic style like in the infinity engine games or diablo 1 and 2. Not this cartnooish warcraft style that apparently most rpgs nowadays go for. Really cool. And the Atmosphere and background music was just awesome. Please just follow this direction. I love it.
  7. Private servers. Quite a few of the major MMOs have been/are pirated. Because sooner or later it's going to break and detect a legitimate buyer as a pirate. DRM doesn't bother pirates in the slightest, it only bothers actual customers. You should ask CD Project Red about that, they have some experience in that area... (which is what caused their change in stance towards DRM and gave rise to GOG). I used to be in that position, alas BioWare is well past two missteps by now. What I wanted to say, was that if a game impresses me than this sentiment will last for a time. There are quite
  8. Ewww! I don't understand you Jaheira lovers... She never really attracted me, but I suppose it could have something to do with voice actress. Maybe in English version she is the hottest one, but in my language Viconia was always clear choice. I had ear boner every time she opened her perfect evil mouth Haha, yeah. Viconia had a sexy voice, but I could never see myself dating her or something cause she was simply to warped. Jaheira was just cool. Not the ├╝ber-sexy type of woman but she had personality and was funny too. Seeing her trying to come to terms with her duties and her loyal
  9. Also, developers, and probably more so publishers, are responsible for a large percentage of pirates themselves. Chances are exceptionally high, that, if you are a consument that rarely follows gaming magazines, reviews, etc., you bought games that did not only fail to deliver promised features or game content but that don't work at all for days or even weeks. The latest example would be diablo 3 or Sim City for example. For a long period of time players simply couldn't play the game. The common excuse reads as follows " We did not expect so many players on our servers". Which redicul
  10. I also have to say that by now I am very very critical concerning promises and plans for games in general. There has been an endless flood of uninspired and bad games over the last 10 years. Look at games like hellgate london, aliens colonial marines just to name a few. The list is endless. I love good games but it could be that at some point there simply aren't any more high quality games or so far in between that buying up to date hardware is not necessary anymore because there are just no more good games.
  11. Yeah, well...anything but not just disappearing corpses or really really bad effects like in doom 3. Actually in the infinity engine games, iirc, the corpses would stay for quite a while. And at some later point, after you left and returned, they were gone. That would be acceptable to me. Throw in a few ravens or wolves here and there occasionally. Just protect the immersion level. If corpses do have to disappear due to hundres of monsters you hopefully have to slay and computers will fold eventually then they have to be taken away by the grim reaper or some angels or evil spirits.
  12. I know what you mean . Frickin Diablo 3, why did I buy it... Anyway. This is why this suggestion is not about DRM. It does not employ any kind or DRM, it is light on development resources and it would make buyers / backers feel good (DRM makes buyers feel bad). It makes the purchase of a game key easy and reminds people that it's worth buying a key (or suggest buying a gift). This is all it does. Yup, I remember what being a student feels like. Don't worry it is just a temporary condition . Tough luck about that state, though. Any people I know who studied in Germany did so for free.
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