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  1. Thx Obsidian! Plain and simple -> You delivered what you promised.
  2. All i can say that i really happy that pre buffing is gone. Casting a hundred buffs before i attack was never fun for me. I´m starting to really USE the engagement system. I took a while and now its makes fights much more tactical. Now positioning is so important and the question "Who should attack first?" And the supply system is great. Of course i did the fight /rest/ fight/ rest in the IE games and it always felt wrong.
  3. Thats the right thread headline to finally say this: Obsidian, thank you very much. I´m played about 20h since release and you managed to deliver what you promised. I´m loving it so much. The writing, the sound, grafics, combat, companions etc. etc. it all together creates such an immersive atmossphere its just amazing.
  4. You may not like reading,suna. But thats your problem...
  5. Of course it was worth my pledge! I´m still spechless after my playsession last night. Speechless, how good PoE is. @giubba You have serious problems!
  6. This update made me subscribe the forum. I love the updates, but with this one i´m starting to get feel for the world. When i read your infos about Woedica, first thing that came to my mind was "The Crippled God" from malazan book of the fallen. Ofcourse not a copy, but similar concept and I LOVE IT! Greetings from germany and sry for my english.
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