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  1. "Fallout: NV brought two redeeming factors - story and plot with connections to the previously well established lore. This was coherent and well executed. (add all the different factions to the play as well). Much, MUCH better NPCs and dialogs. **The one thing that remained is the crappy combat**, but that's inherited from the design of Fallout 3. S.P.E.C.I.A.L. + skill system tied to it, just does not fit this type of combat, because it was designed to a completely different combat system. If my skill completely overrides my character's skill, then the combat design is bad. I can one-shot
  2. Snow sucks arse. Lived in midwest my whole life. Snow sucks, cold sucks, shovelling sucks, driving in it sucks, watching people who have lived here forever "relearn" how to drive in it every year sucks. My personal hell is snow covered.
  3. Simple and to the point, make more Fallout like New Vegas, and I'd be happy. I haven't played any of the 1st three games, but I like the 1st person view and the ability to aim down the sights in NV. Having my decisions carry over to the next game would be cool, but not a necessity for me. Call me lame, but just give me more New Vegas. I'm still finding new quests in my 6th or 7th playthrough, all without any DLC. New Vegas has taken over my gmaing world, to the point of letting my WoW subscription lapse.
  4. Been reading a lot of this and Bethesda's forums (GECK and all), playing various video games with my two kids, and loathing the cold weather in Michigan. Cold hurts when you get old like me.
  5. Edit; Played- and beat Halo 4 on XBox360 Co-Op with my son (LAN- systemlink) a few times, and it just felt like a lot of running.., Hit the button.. run..., Get to the save point.. run... do the mission point... run... alot of running. Played and loved Halo Reach before Yuri today
  6. -D*mn... sorry for still new at posting and responding ... The FO:NV "kill everything" posts here- That's my latest venture.. I've tried not beating the game, because I want to stay in the NV world, and sorry, but everyone in Primm is dead this time. Altho.... I do believe The Paladins have the best resale of armor for $$ . Next topic- The best game series IMPO - Command & Conquer : Yuri's Revenge and Zero Hour. I rem staying up all night to beat Yuri's Revenge, and actually just played skirmish "Wild Animal Park" just before posting this. Yuri or Korea for the Black Eagles. "Johnn
  7. Playing Fallout: New Vegas for the 6th or 7th time through. With the perks and skill points to pick from, so many choices, so many variables... This game is better than some MMO that used to "wow" me. Still getting new paths/ questlines, and I don't have all the DLC yet. Probably my favorite game of all-time.
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