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  1. Obsidian wouldn't be making "4" anyway so you don't have to worry about that. Bethsoft is now handling what is technically considered the "main" series, though in truth even Bethesda doesn't consider their series to be central any more than the other games. 3 was just the numerical value to indicate that it was intended to be a direct sequel to the first two which makes a bit of sense considering the heavy references to past games including the presence of Harold. 4 being the sequel to 3 will likely tie in even more because it's going to be another East Coast game, supposedly Boston if rumors
  2. I assume you played NV for... what? An hour maybe? Perhaps two? Obsidian definitely didn't water anything down, New Vegas included virtually every gameplay feature of FO3 and then added a ton more. As for adding anything "graphicwise." Why? This is the problem with your generation. It's all about graphics. Not about setting, atmostphere, mood, setpieces, or anything else. For you it all comes down to how much detail the textures and frames have. Go play Call of Duty and leave the actual gaming experience to the rest of us. BOTH games were good. Fallout 3 told a very personal story
  3. That's why I suggested an indirect sequel where your character is not in fact the Courier, but someone else who happened into the Courier's territory. Like I said, they could do it fairly easily. All of the companions went their separate ways one way or the other by the end of the game, so there'd be no need for concern with them. And the Courier's faction choice could affect the vibe of Vegas years later, but in the end, the Courier could and would be in control. Independent is a given, General Oliver or President Kimball of NCR could easily have placed the Courier in charge of the Mojave giv
  4. Though I completely disagree with nearly everything you said Darkrpriest, I can both understand and respect how you feel. But let's not steer this thread off-topic. This is solely about whether or not a direct sequel or DLC sequel to New Vegas is both viable and desirable. If you'd like to share opinions or hear mine regarding your assertions, feel free contact me. I'm always up for a lively discussion when I have time.
  5. If you'd read anything I wrote, you'd know I know full well who owns Fallout. This post was just to see if others agreed with me, had it been an actual proposal to the developers or publishers, I'd have just sent an e-mail, not posted on a forum where no staff is likely to read this anyway. I chose Obsidian's forums because they developed New Vegas, and did so In a way that I believe was closer to the original titles. I misspelled Obsidian a few times, switching back and forth between "ian" and "ean," thank you for pointing it out. However, I wrote this up in MSWord before I posted on the
  6. What do you mean by attention? It got a lot of press, and got a good marketing campaign from Bethesda, but as far as I can understand, it wasn't a smashing sale success on that level. Still, Beth was satisfied with the performance, and they're going to keep working on the IP, that much has been made clear. You also need to consider that Bethesda was the publisher in that case, not the developer. Bethesda Softworks is a publisher, Bethesda Game Studios is the developer whose primary and currently only titles are the Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Bethesda Softworks also published games like Bri
  7. Not necessarily. As good as Fallout 3 was, it wasn't a flagship title. If anything it was an experiment to see whether or not consumers would accept their take on the Fallout series. Luckily many did. There are a few hold-outs who want the series to return to the overhead turn-based gameplay that the first two had, but most seem to have gladly accepted the mostly live-action combat and first/third person control. The only real flagship series Bethesda holds is the Elder Scrolls series. People loved Fallout 3, but under their ownership it still doesn't have the foothold that the ES games do
  8. This will be a large entry so bear with me. I've done a lot of thinking about this because if I'm to send a letter to someone who may choose to run with this, it needs to be a solid concept. I've been a Fallout fan for years, and I recently did another playthrough of New Vegas. Still enjoyable, still stunned at how entertained I was, and still wanting more. A lot of times, especially with the Fallout games, the developers like to let the lore tell the story about what happened later; the fallout of your decisions, so to speak. You'll hear about the Chosen One or the Lone Wanderer in fu
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