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  1. I only use it on dungeons and related locales, never in town. Yeah I know I'm probably missing on some gear but I don't care. And I wouldn't mind passive secret detection either. I guess I'm easy to please like that
  2. Things I like it better than IE: They combat system. It's surprisingly flexible, and rewards strategy and foreknowledge of the foes you are about to engage. Flexible formation system. It allowed me to get my fighter in a very advanced position on pretty much every engagement that mattered. The scripted interactions, I don't rightly remember their names. It adds up a nice "oldschool" feel to the game. Melee classes having a more active role on fights. Things I like it better in IE: Mages. Because they are gods.
  3. Yes, "correcting" the game because someone finds the content "offensive" was the right thing to do.
  4. It's fake. The first thing you do when seeing something like this is to ask for verification. Until you have that, assume fake.
  5. Yet apparently twitter warriors does. You just don't get it do you? Oh, but he does. He is ABSOLUTELY right. They changed the text because some manhater TOLD THEM to change it. DEMANDED them to change it. In fact, Twarriors have MORE power than the poeple who actually FUNDED the game. So in a way he didn't get it. They are not equal shareholders, they are MAJORITY shareholders.
  6. Yes, the fact that someone that actively promotes genocide and someone that was a former neo-nazi got the ear of Obsidian so easily is pretty disturbing, the minimum background check should reveal this, the fact that veteran game developers with 20-30 years of experience in the industry bow down to the wishes of these people are clearly crazy (and yes promoting genocide is crazy) is pretty telling, these demands should have been dismissed immediately after people saw where they coming from. I'm looking forward to when this thread progresses to its natural conclusion and consists entirely of speculation over Zoe Quinn's sex life. This makes your whole position really laughable. I hope you know this. It really doesn't. Should the line be pulled? This is the question. Instead we think the main issue is running background checks on the people who first noticed it. It REALLY REALLY does. I could see the straw-man from 1000 miles away.
  7. I'm sorry for whatever pains you've had in your life but you're talking from a place of a lot of anger and painting with a very broad brush. Perhaps distance from this topic might be wise? I mean, you're arguing (a word I don't use lightly) from a pretty dark place. It was an ironic post. Read the whole thing please. He's simply replacing the terms to show how ridiculous this whole thing is. This is osmium kinds of dense here.
  8. Censorship affects everyone. It might start small. Yes it's only a little joke, so why not just remove it, right? But before long, you'll have thousands of people shouting to remove half your game because there's something in it that they found "offensive". And who exactly decides that it's "dumb and vulgar"? You? Well what if someone disagrees, what if someone doesn't find anything wrong at all in that joke? Or even worse, finds it funny. That would be absurd, but it is not a thing that actually happens, because, well, it would be absurd. If somebody went to Obsidian going "You should remove maces from the game! I find maces offensive! Somebody killed my wife with a mace!", that would not result in the removal of maces from the game, even though that person might reasonably claim that the presence of maces makes them uncomfortable. Maces are a part of the game, and removing them is not a thing that is going to happen - and in that case, maybe PoE just isn't for that person. Racism or transmisogyny in backer comments is not in any way like that in more than one way - it contributes nothing to the game, while making whole swaths of people feel unwelcome. Going from there to "but then you'll have people wanting you to censor EVERYTHING!" is silly. (And who decides what is "offensive"? Well, really, everybody for themselves - but if there's a lot of people who find something offensive, often because it causes or reinforces violent behaviour towards them or their peers, it's common courtesy not do do it. As a fairly harmless example, I tend to swear a lot when driving alone, but I try not to say "****" &c around children, because that makes people upset. It costs me nothing, and improves life for everybody, including me.) If a whole swath of people are feeling unwelcome to what amounts to one of the most inoffensive things I read in the game so far then they have far worse issues to worry about. Also your example is flawed. The game is made, the deed is done. A better analogy would be someone threatening to call you a "transphobe" because you made a joke about it to someone.
  9. I'm going to have to call you out on that one - So by your logic nothing is allowed, anywhere? Because I'll bet you that we can find plenty of examples of harmless jokes aimed at any culture, sexual preference and even race in the world. Now and then. Personally I'm not a big fan of kicking people who are already down, particularly when it's a group that has a near 50% lifetime suicide rate. Ten times the US average. Stuff like this, the "it's just a joke, stop being so easily offended, man up," it matters because it contributes to that. It's not harmless because it is a part of the larger societal treatment that is ultimately a major factor in driving people to kill themselves. And with that, I'm bowing out of this discussion because I'm getting too upset myself, now. Jokes at expense of some else's situation is not the same as kicking them down. You are vastly conflating the issue.
  10. A link for the easily offended: https://twitter.com/ScottMadin/with_replies He created a fan-patch to remove the content.
  11. There's a difference between the in-universe stuff that fits with the general themes and that I trust Obsidian to handle sensitively, because they've done so thus far in my experience and because that is part of their job, and some out of universe backer message like this. I agree that any change should go with the backer in question being offered their money back, and I'm sure if Obsidian decides to do so, they'll make such an offer. Yeah, except the limerick goes perfectly in line with the setting. Murder, torture, genocide, mildly "offensive" language. Let's ban the language! Come one, seriously? Do people not see how ridiculous this is?
  12. I do think this particular message should be changed, because it is quite offensive to suggest that sleeping with someone who turns out to be a trans woman is so horrific that you would kill yourself afterwards. If the joke here was that the dude slept with someone who turned out to be black come the next day and killed himself out of shame over doing so, I think the offensiveness would be much more clear. Regarding PoE's mature storylines, I think the difference is that torture, rape, etc., are being treated as serious subjects and not made light of; there's no suggestion that the behaviour is agreed with by Obsidian/condoned, you know? Which letting this message be in a game they published could certainly be taken as. Even if it is, so what? It's fiction. It's not real life. The only valid complaint one could have is one of consistency. Do you think people living in that culture would be bothered by it? Does it make the world less coherent? If not then leave the joke. BTW it does not make the world less consistent. It fits perfectly in. Anyone find it extremely bizarre that the crazies get offended at this one little hidden thing, but not by the tree with all those people hanging on it? I'm not saying I am, I love the thematic implications on the thing. It gave me chills when I walked by it, counted the corpses, and later an NPC referenced it to me.
  13. That tweet is everything that is wrong with the PC crowd. Do not cave in. You are going to bow down to a loud minority and screw the very people who allowed you to make the game. Do not do this. It's fiction. It's not real.
  14. from what I've seen on some videos, Auto-Attack is implemented. They will walk to the target and engage on their own. The rest of your questions, I'm not sure.
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