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  1. I personally would've liked POE2 to be more like the old classics BG1, BG2, etc. Why fix what's not broke? Those are the kind of games that made me want to buy POE1 in the 1st place. So far POE2 feels like a watered down version of POE1. Fighting has been for the most part very easy where I can often let the AI do most of the work(i'm sure they'll get that worked out eventually), "dungeons" are tiny and boring, most quests are not very interesting, ship fighting gets old quick, and there's not much to the island exploring. There still is a lot to enjoy but I feel this game is a big step d
  2. Yeah we all have our own opinions of course, mine is I don't like her voice and much preferred the narrator from the 1st game. I'd probably prefer no narrator actually but it's not that big of an issue.
  3. Mines gone from 8 minute to 3 days to 15 minutes to 20 mins,etc... hopefully it'll be finished one of these days.....
  4. uugh, I some how misread the release time... was thinking it was unlocking at 8AM CST... now I gotta wait till noon... major suckage. I shoulda stayed in bed.....
  5. I tend to try to make characters close to what I'd think my real stats would be in my prime, along with friends that I add to the game. I tend to try to customize games as much as possible. Most people would fall in the 8-12 range in the stats imho. 13-16 would be very good. Anything 17+ would be world class. 20 would be the best of the best, so unless you're Einstein or the like, giving yourself 20 INT is a bit much. NAME: Bendar RACE: Human CLASS: Monk STATS: might: 13 constitution: 12 dexterity: 15 perception: 8 intelligence: 12 resolve: 10 BACKGROUND: Artist +2 Lore
  6. That is like saying that you don't understand why some developers don't when people share their game to other people without their permission, even though nobody is trying to make money by doing so. People generally don't like when they work is used without their permission, especially when they don't even credit for the work. And in this case problem is not that person has something against people using her art in game, but that they share that art without giving her credit for that art. All I can say to that is If you didn't want them to be used you should've never posted them o
  7. I've never understood why some artists get so upset when someone wants to use their art for a game. It's not like they're trying to make money from it or anything. If someone wanted to use something I made I'd be very happy about it!
  8. It must be higher as I still can't edit my post after awhile. Ah well, I'll just wait.
  9. Here's a pic of my friend I edited using Keldorn's pic from BG2. I plan on replacing Eder with him. Also can anyone explain the edit policy on this site? Do you have to post so many times before you can edit freely? Thanks.
  10. Nicely done Zenzei! I remember you from the BG2 enhanced forums. I'm still working on my PS skills....
  11. For whatever reason I wasn't able to edit the post I put this, and have since updated it.. so here's a custom portrait. ranger type maybe?
  12. Impatient for Pillars of Eternity!

  13. I assume you can edit the companion portraits as well? I tend to like to customize my games with my own portraits if possible. Here's my Sagani:
  14. I do as well. This time I'll be playing a Monk with a customized portrait:(probably will be editing it some more tho)
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