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  1. Chosen One, or Love Conquers All (The Power of Hope). Oh, and Perpetual String of Victories. A real RPG has the stones to take things away once in a while. I agree with relaxing the industry-strangling power that is political correctness. This is not a game for the whole family. It is expressly being made on Kickstarter to be a MATURE game. And I like to think that we're all mature here.
  2. Since this is really all opinionated, I would rather there be multiple "villains" instead of Lord McEvilton the Randomly Cruel and his infinite amount of not-as-evil lackeys. With a "villain" I feel more compelled to fight back if I understand WHY they are evil, or even some conflict of interest if the story turns out to be really deep. I'm not talking about massive plot seppukus like "but the villain is actually your FATHER!" but maybe some interconnectivity with the world around them. What personally makes me enjoy a villain is a fresh take on why they should be the "bad guy." Of course
  3. Wanted to sort of voice my opinion on the subject here, little as it may matter. I've played a lot of RPGs in my time, and I always feel like some measure of romance (maybe not even involving the main character) gives the world some sort of texture it would not have otherwise. I've gone through entire games where the protgonist is a silent, unpredictable murderer and is revered by the people solely because he managed to hack his way towards the bad guy and kill him as well. At that point, it doesn't even feel like a role-playing game, more of a medieval slasher simulator (with gear! Wow!). Hav
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