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  1. Yeah. I play from my television which is 10 feet away. Shadowrun Returns is a great example. Even at 720p, the text is on the edge of readability. I'm stuck in a situation where my pledge and the game may be rendered useless if the devs don't implement independant UI scaling or simply make the text too small at all resolutions.
  2. Since you devs are clearly actually reading these threads, would you mind easing the fears of us playing on TV setups or simply with poor eyesight? Will there be UI options for readability, or at least thought put into that scenario? Civ 5 is a great example of a great game with totally unreadable text for me unless I drop the resolution way, way down to 720p.
  3. I just want to add, I hope you guys make the UI nice and readable, or add the ability to enlarge text size if possible, for people like myself who want to play on resolutions such as 1920x1080 but are using television setups from our chairs. It's always depressing to me when a game always makes its UI incredibly tiny, and would make a game like this unplayable. Maybe some kind of TV mode, if the text is too small to read from a setup like this?
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