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  1. Aw yeah, getting hyped like I haven't in many years. Less than an hour holy ****e. Gonna make the best dinner ever in preparation.
  2. Damnit, we were warned to pressurise the room. "Your head could explode", he said, and thought I: "Publicity." But then dusk fell.
  3. I tend to play the first playthrough rather organically, picking whatever option I like the most at any given time. I'll take pretty much any quest, do anything for anyone and screw them over in the end for maximum reward, without a care for consequence. In New Vegas, this became weird, as I would kill just about anyone after helping them out, jamming sticks in people's wheel left and right and laughing hysterically, killed most of the Legion and NCR, killed and took over Mr House's operation, cannibalising and all that good stuff... yet my karma was maxed. Once I have a handle on the game, I play a "determined" playthrough, such as the goodie-two shoes paladin or the thieving, rogueish knave.
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