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  1. When does the "making of" documentary come out? i got the digital fun pack, and am wondering the release date. if it has been released, it is not showing up, and i have bigger issues to deal with.... also, this is the greatest game i played since skyrim. good job obsidian!
  2. i have bug as well. this is a tad annoying when i went all the way down just to get stuck at lvl 13. no wonder the number 13 is bad luck
  3. if grandpa had been around, this would happen: Scene: Cottage in woods. *sound of thunder and rain can be heard outside the cottage. Grandpa is sitting in his +7 chair of divine comfort. Timmy enters the room* "grandpa, i want to go play at the inn, but its too far and its wet..." *Timmy starts to cry. Timmy gets on his iScroll and tweets #justRPGproblems" *Grandpa wakes up from his nap. he is pissed* "Listen here, Timmy. Back in my day we had to walk 15 miles up hill in the pouring rain to get to the inn, just so we could sell our meager loot to the patrons for scraps of meat!. ah, they were the good old days. Why, i even got a sword. look here, lad" *Gramps gets off his chair, and opens a little frail box placed conveniently in front of the chair. dust spews out, and he pulls out a disgusting dented and cracked sword* "this here thing is my old sword. lasted me all these decades. got it when i saved 3 maidens from the curse of virginity in one session at the bard's collage. I have grown old and wise and...eh, what was i talking about, eh? i think i need my prune juice of +1 memory. *grandpa drinks the juice* "Ah yes, the sword. i call it... Granny Blade. it has served me well for many many decades, now i want you to have it. Let it serve you well, lad. i love you Timmy. go forth and slay stuff with it!" *Timmy stares at the sword, uncomfortable* "Gee thanks grandpa, but i'm fine. I appreciate your offer to entrust me with the blade that has saved you many times, but I don't need your sword. I just found this dagger on the ground that talks and make me immortal. Thanks for the offer" *awkward silence* "Ach...My...My heart! Timmy...II have the answer to the meaning of life...it's...It's..." *grandpa dies. Timmy cheers. Audience is shocked. Sad violin song is played. Credits roll. Close curtains* The Sword. Directed by Micheal Bay
  4. Will there be racism in the game, based on your chosen race? If so, how does it affect gameplay? For Example: What if your a dwarf, and you enter an inn run by a racist human? would you not be allowed to do business with the innkeeper because your a dwarf? whilst on the same example, lets mix it up a bit: If you make a new character, one that is a human, and you enter the same inn, would you be able to use the inn (i.e getting quests, food, supplies, rumors, etc?), that you could not access because you were a dwarf? also, if racism exists, how does the player's actions affect it in the world? does it even affect it? For example: You make a white human wizard, and he is grand. he wears a special white robe with a magical hood that gives him +3 ropes and +7 fire. if you go around the world burning religious symbols on the front lawn of every inn, would he make everyone in the world think all humans were evil racists? To go even deeper into the example, would the actions of this Grand Wizard cause everyone to think ALL wizards are evil? not just every human? I was wondering also how big racism is in the game? I really like what you guys at obsidian are doing, and i wish you guys the best
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