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  1. While I understand (and agree) with current information released about multiclassing, something I haven't seen that could be useful in distinguishing multiclassed characters from single classed ones is addition of unique features not existing in other combos. For example: You could have a Wizard with, say, (idle) animation/cantrip-like ability A + higher level ability A, Wizard/Cipher with animation/cantrip-like ability B + higher level ability B and Cipher with animation/cantrip-like ability C + higher level ability C. These abilities wouldn't make any single class combo stronger than the other and would go a long way to make every uniquely named single and multiclass option feel distinct and having their own flavor, instead of the multiclass being just class A + class B, but (necessarily) not as specialized.
  2. I'm afraid that the Iron Flail might not be crucial here, and only your decision regarding Abydon and the Eyless is considered for the ending. Sparing the life of Adaryc from the Iron Flail probably just gives you the opportinity to get some help from him in the Caryon Scar and in the battle of Yenwood Field. Not 100% sure, tho. Can anyone confirm this? I guess the biggest issue for me is if the tensions between Dyrwood and Raedceras have to happen when Abydon is renewed. If that didn't happen, I would be alright with just restoring Abydon completely. Tensions because of the ruins, which will happen if you don't temper Abydon, don't bother me that much and Dyrwood is presumably better off in the Tempered and Restored endings both (one ending mentions handycraft and the other architecture and roads, but really, I don't see how Dyrwood with Restored or Tempered Abydon wouldn't get both either way). Also, what about Aloth and Ondra arguments? Specifically if you persuaded Aloth to go against the Leaden Key and if he is also pushed to be against authority (being against authority allegedly prevents an option to win the argument by mentioning panic during duc's assasination). And *can* mentioning Ondra even win an argument at all? If so, how? By choosing to rise the tide?
  3. From what I've red, there will be multiple cultures of pretty much every race, so we can't really say now. There will, however, be a state (forgot the name) where humans and elves live together and have the same culture.
  4. I wouldn't worry about the DA2 elves, seeing that this: http://www.enizr.com/media/42837/announcement_trailer_for_obsidian_s__1.1m_kickstarter_rpg_project_eternity.jpg is the concept art for the PE.
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