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  1. Yeh I'm enjoying this playthrough, no editing! Also I love the virgil sass a lot, it's how I play RPG's. Whatever bad happens, my companions are always to blame. Whenever something good happens, all hail king me and my cleverness!
  2. Lore is still being fleshed out so if they can tie in or not remains to be seen. If they have to stretch lore crazily just to put vampires in then yes, they should remain out.
  3. I'm all for vampires and werewolves as long as they aren't all mad/crazy killing machines. Look up Vampire: the masquerade (not the game itself though it wasn't a bad representation of the books/pen & paper rpg it came from), those vampires had an agenda. Some were complete loonies with insane ideas of morality (usually the older ones who had very weird views which they had because they lived more then a 1000 years) , some were apathetic, some searching for a way out of their curse, some just trying to get as many kicks out of this as possible since they were doomed already, ... . Diverse lot those guys, they present a lot of story opportunities, I wouldn't mind having one or more of those as allies (not a companion) or as enemies (I still remember bodhi from baldur's gate 2). Was also fun that they acted only at night. Werewolves also have something like that, werewolf the apocalypse. I personally thought the shamanism part there and the raving about mother nature wasn't particularly fun but they are so much more as well. Just saying they can have an interesting story as well, they don't have to be monsters who storm at you with punishing attacks (level drain *shudders*)
  4. Well those were older games so the technology was limited but yeah I can't tell which charachter is imoen and I played BG 1 back in the days (I used to use her as an archer mostly, wasn't a big fan of multi class imoen later on. I'm not a multi class fan at all tbh).
  5. I haven't read all of this gigantic thread because it usually ends up the same. Hopefully obsidian puts in a quest in the game (in one of the TWO big cities, yay for that stretch goal ) mirroring discussions like this. The white moral guild who want to banish every piece of naked skin all to champion feminism (which they harm just as bad as the other side) vs the skank guild who only want to wear skimpy outfits. Which side will you choose to help? Will you boldly step up and fund all the armorers in the city to make full covering and threaten seamstress's who make gowns which show skin? OR Will you equally boldly find and finance mages to only enchant leather thongs & bikini's and sabotage iron to known full coverer armorers? Oh the moral dilemma in-game would be unbearable! Also it would be hilarious if the outcome of this quest actually made it hard to find full covering or just the opposite
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