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  1. Just wondering, do developers ever post here or respond to topics? I have been visiting daily and I haven't seen them reply to any of the topics. I could be wrong because I don't spend hours on the forums.
  2. Also, I have to say that Magicka combat is very fun. It's so much more fun then just the usual "equip your PCs and then just point and click at the enemy" that most of RPGs have. If you haven't tried it, give it a go.
  3. It would be good to have a slow time button or a spell, so you can still manage in real-time without pausing. I have recenlty played Magicka and 'time-warp' spell slows time and is grat help in battles.
  4. Dragon's Dogma had much harder enemies at night. Also, you actually could not see pass few metres around you so you didn't want to get caught in the wild at night. Nightime was actually dark, unlike in other games. There was this feeling of dred when you have just completed a mission in a place far away from a town or castle and it was getting dark. You knew it will be very hard to see in dark (even with lamps) and around every corner there might be a nasty enemy waiting. And then there was a feeling of joy and relief when you would walk over a hill and see the castle and its lights cause you knew safety is near.
  5. Wow, a lot of very touchy people in this thread. If I knew my question might cause some of you to get a stroke I wouldn't have asked it. As long as the game is great I don't mind playing it with mouse and keyboard or with a controller. It's only a game after all, it's not the end of the world if it's played with controller or with a mouse.
  6. I have always played PC games with a mouse and keyboard. I do have Xbox on which I can play games when friends come over. Recently I played RPGs by using an Xbox controller (The Witcher 2, Fallout 3, Kingdoms Of Amalur) and I love it. The thing is I don't have my own room anymore where I can play games (wife, baby, etc) so I play on my laptop hooked up to my TV. I love it. Nothing wrong with having an extra option as long as it doesn't impede the gameplay.
  7. I play my games on my laptop. Long gone are the days when I could set up a desktop at a desk and pla for hours and hours. Things change once you grow up.
  8. As the topic says, will we be able to play the game with a controller (hopefully Xbox 360 one)? I love it how I can play games on my laptop, sit on my couch and use X360 controller to play a game. I played Fallout 3, Xcom and Sleeping Dogs like that and I it's so convenient.
  9. Guys have a look a Divinity Originl Sin. There are few gameplay examples on Youtube, here is one To me this sort of TB gameplay is much better then RTwP.
  10. And of course we can have monks who worship evil deities, I'm sure Obsidian could make them be different to the ones worshiping benevolent ones.
  11. I would like my ranger to be: - agile - able to use stealth - able to set up traps while in stealth mode, hence when attacking with a bow being able to position him/herself so traps are between him/her and the enemy - great at archery - great at knife fighting - able to raise a permanent pet (wolf/eagle/bear/etc) - able to track - good at healing
  12. I'm bored with all kung-fu inspired monks in RPGs. Monks could use greek pankration. Greek soliders were taught pankration so if they lose their weapons/shileds they could defend themselves by punching, powerful kicks and takedowns. Hence, why greek armies could often defeat more numerous opponents (besides tactics, etc pankration would help greek soldiers in battles). Besides using ancient form of boxing (and kicking), pankration also used wrestling which involved quick and efficient takedowns which would always end with moves which would break opponents necks or limbs or with strikes to the neck, groin, eyes, etc. I think this would work nice, esp with monks having their bodies enhanced by life-long training and meditation which would unlock physical (strength, agility, resistanc, etc) powers coming from their soul or from praying to a certain god.
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