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  1. On armor I would say that I am generally not a fan of the teir systems similar to what is found in the Elder Scrolls series. I find it takes too much realism away, and creates to linear of a progression. E.g. at the begining you only ever see iron light armor and at the end you only see glass, and you always wear the highest teir available. So instead of doublet -> Gambeson -> Armored Jacket over the course of the game where you wear the highest tier you can find I would prefer something more akin to having categories like leather, studded, scale mail, or ring mail, and each category
  2. I hate to pick nits, but that statement is only true if your assumption of a shallow curve is correct. More importantly you're arguing over an out of context quote that does not capture the context of my post. Whether a shallow or steep curve is used, lower level characters are less "powerful" compared to higher level characters. I believe there should be some penalty for not using a companion, but no XP is not the right one. There are much better alternatives available that I mentioned.
  3. The first thing that I would say is that I think the stronghold should be approached like it is a character unto itself. What I mean is that I want to "level" and customize my stronghold similar to what I do with my own character. I enjoyed the Cross-Roads Keep in NVWN2, but thought the mechanic was under developed. Here is what I think would be the optimal utilization. Starting location: Instead of one stronghold location I think there should be 4 possible options when the stronghold is introduced in the game. You choose the one you like and the other 3 locations do their own thing throughou
  4. I think that companions not in party not receiving XP is a bad game play mechanic. The biggest reason is for the one previously stated that it locks you into the companions you have been playing with, because other companions are now too far behind. That being said I don't think equal distribution is the perfect solution to this problem. I think there are other options that mitigate this problem more effectively. For example companions not in party get a fraction of XP earned. This way they don't fall too far behind, but at the same time you have to use a companion in order for them to be
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