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  1. I encountered that a few times although never on that screen, usually closing the game then restarting it fixed the problem.
  2. Hello, i m playing on steam windows 10 64 bit and 4k resolution screen and the game often doesn't register the click where the mouse cursor is when there is a line of icons selection like in augury / scrying or during loot reward selection on the assault on the pinnacle map or from traps like hand chopper. I've recorded a video from the hand chopper reward where clicking on item gets nothing but clicking on empty spot gets the weapon. A video on assault on the pinnacle map where I select a spell but the game registers a weapon on the left side.
  3. I took the 12 hour rune on steam and it doesnt seem to work as well. I tested on khalib with force damage and warden on runes on electric damage.
  4. Hello, I m playing on the steam version on account vernum # 6403 and seelah seem to always show that she can assist during someone else turn even when she doesn't have any card or power to assist. On the screenshot attached here during seoni's turn, she cant play anything yet the assist exclamation mark is shown. This problem started appearing after I removed her from party and reintroduced her back into party.
  5. Yeah, we were better off before the invention of wheel. Hunting mammoths, these were the good old days I'm telling you. Very funny, if wanted to keep playing modern "innovative" games I would have stuck with dragon ages etc,,, Anyway my feeling is a bit like ordering a nice fountain pen to take notes and receiving a voice recorder instead because its more modern if I wanted a recorder I would just buy that in the first place.
  6. This game was hyped as a comeback for old school style rpg during kickstarter but with all the "innovation" that they are trying to implement this doesnt look like an old school game like bg at all other than the game viewing angle.
  7. I am not sure what that dump stat term is but I dont think that system is any more realistic than what we had in older games. In real life a guy who aims better than most with a rifle isnt necessaraly a strong person able to throw an iron ball super far as well. You can be the most dexterous guy in the world, that wont help you at all when you try to lift super heavy weight if you dont have the strength. So if by dump stat you mean attribute that would be useless in real life for a particular activity then yes there are dump stat in real life.
  8. If there are to be many books and we get our own residence then I think I would rather have the books in the book form and put them in my own library if possible.
  9. That looks like an interesting idea but where is the just "fine with me" option in that poll?
  10. What I miss the most in recent rpg is the lack priotity put on the lore, every object is bland with +1 str +12 hp or whatever but no description at all and that makes them having unfortunatly no identity. But that is something that was found in great quantity in classic rpg like baldurs gate etc.. Every items in those games (even junk loot gems etc..) had a background story behind them. And then we had books if we wanted to learn more about the history of different civilizations in the game world, the adventures of some important character, or the story behind major artifact as well a
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