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  1. Same problems to access the backer portal here. But - as strange it might sound - as long as others experience the same issues, I'm a bit calmed down, cause it relates to some technical problems and nothing I might done wrong
  2. Considering episodic releases: I'm not completely against it, but Feargus Urquhart's example wouldn't be my choice. If a game would need to be divided, it should only be tripled and offer at least 20-25 hours of gameplay per episode. The more important question for me would be if areas would be left seperated from another or if the following episode could really expand the game as a whole. Simply speaking: Would these epsiodes really emerge to one bigger game or would they feel to be seperated? The first choice is acceptable for me, the second isn't - and right now most epsiodic games use the
  3. Fantastic - not At least I didn't forget to chose the addon I pledged for. But I was still thinking about raising my pledge for the physical tier, which I didn't pick yet because of the shipping costs to Germany I would have to add. To blame myself, I got mixed up with other campaigns where the developers wanted quick confirmations, here it seems like I should have taken my time until christmas to decide and confirm. I really hope Obsidian will consider the option to raise your pledges afterwards, would be a shame if this wasn't negogitable. So, Obsidian, please
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