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  1. Or maybe you used the console to "cheat". I used the iroll20s command to change the camera zoom (at the time I thought it was needed for the camera zoom command to be enabled), my savegame was flagged for no achievements, but I noticed that too late, after about 7 hours when I found out I didn't get some achievements I should have gotten. I don't know who decided to implement this idiotic mechanism in POE (at least bind it to true cheats like giving money or talent points, instead of a command that does nothing by itself you lazy programmers), but now I'm stuck between no achi or wasti
  2. Translating people's names and location names is really idiotic, this is something that often happens in localized games (mostly fantasy games) and it's one (of the 1000s) reasons I never play games in my native language. Eg. did you ever listen to someone talking about the city Liverpool in a foreign language and calling it: "Piscina di fegato" "piscina de higado" "piscine du foie" or whatever pool of liver translates in your language?
  3. Well that really bothered me, it was in the kickstarter campaign, after a couple of months the game was funded every mention of modding completely disappeared from it and Obsidian never spoke about it again (or gave straight answers). I don't mind the game not supporting mods (supporting mods means easy and straight way to implement mods like: first 2 Dragon Age, Bethesda games, etc..), but I do mind them advertising it, then completely removing it and expecting we didn't notice. I always thought very highly of Obsidian (and still do), but this left me with a bitter taste.
  4. I'm still missing the forum title I set in the survey section, is it normal?
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