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  1. Yes and no. I have no issue with them auto attack next target, as long as they are in reach, in other words, if they don't move on their own. Does the setting do that?
  2. Well, yes, but that will stop them after they are already moving from their spot, not beforehand. So you have like spit second to notice, pause and stop em. I also hate their auto advance mechanic. I had a fight in a doorway, I had discovered trap few steps ahead. After his current target was dead, my tank was idiotic enough to auto move to next enemy right trough the trap, which resulted in his death. I am afraid companions do not lack AI, as people claim. It is worse, the have AI of lemmings.
  3. Sorry, we went for useless pet slot instead and there is not enough space now
  4. To be honest, I thing that flat DR and DR reduction are broken as they are now. Why they did not use % and went with flat numbers and that MIN damage crap instead? Estoc is superior in every way in comparison to great sword, just because DR -5. Mobs that have Slash DR < Pierce DR - 5 are exception, but how many of these there are? As for bonus damage, is seems to me, that DR reduce the primary damage and calculate the secondary from remainder. Secondary damage is not reduced by DR at all, which makes different kinds (crush / fire / frost etc.) of it pointless. Or they reduce it with
  5. I cleared the rest of the temple, eventually (except last batch of mobs that are not needed for quest), with only Edér and Aloth. But it WAS major pain, mainly because teleporting mobs. After that, I cleared other areas and they were not that tough in comparison. So, hard is not that hard, I was afraid that every place will be as annoying as the temple, but that is thankfully not the case.
  6. I very much doubt that. The map I was talking about, is the very first one I got to after the "supernatural event" that starts the storyline... On hard difficulty, from those 3 encounters you are talking about, my pally tank PC managed to do 2, though the one you are referring as brutal was utterly impossible.
  7. You had an extra companion, could make big difference, so it is not IMO comparable to my situation.
  8. Yeah, could be. I'l check other places to see if they are easier for me. Thanks.
  9. Right now, I am in under the temple area (first village), on hard, and i have to rest pretty much after any encounter. I need to use everything to survive and even that is often not enough. Hard mode + 2x camp supplies (why exactly hard mode limits you CS even more?) is just extremely tedious, if you ask me. I may change the opinion later, but that is how i see it. Though, maybe if i actually hired extra companion in the inn, that would not be a problem, but i dont want to.
  10. +1 I am used to name save file with Level N, every time my main level up. Sad I can't do it... I always thought that inability to name your save is because of crappy console games.
  11. I plan to max perception and resolve, rest are dump stats. :D
  12. What would you call people saying they'll never support Obsidian again because their pre-release keys for a video game launching in two days was late? I would call them, disappointed. And overreacting - because the delay was only few hours.
  13. Seems like 'entitled' is new fancy overused insult world... Businesses commonly provides better than standard services to their good customers. These customers are often not entitled to them, but they receive them anyway. They might stop being good customers or customers at all otherwise. Is someone who pays higher than usual price, years in advance and with all associated risks a good customer? I would say yes, and every business should love customers like this and take a good care of them. Now, expecting to have at least the same level of service as regular customer (be able to p
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