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  1. I am confident that Obsidian will nail the level design with talent. I just hope that not every dungeon is an actual... dungeon. I mean, I also loved the parts in the sewers and stuff like that in older Infinity engine games.
  2. great stuff Chris ! I am so excited about this game... Even in this time of new console generation, Eternity and Torment are with no doubts the game I'm expecting the most
  3. One thing I want to say about the universe/plot is that I'd rather have a universe where death is not trivialized. Our mortality is one of the things that defines us a humans. In a world where people know (and not just believe) that death is not the ultimate end (because there is paradise, hell, reincarnation, whatever), they do not fear it, and hence cannot act as real human beings... I know that Project Eternity will have to tackle that issue for its story and "soul" system, but I do not worry as you guys managed to do an amazing job with Torment on that matter
  4. I don't know yet... Probably a fighting class, or maybe a thief But no matter what, I know I'll play a nice guy. I just can't play bad guys ! ^_^
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