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  1. v1.02 for me. I edited the post to say, that I managed to fix the bug by engaging with the Stelgaer spirit and then fighting one more combat. Don't know why it doesn't show, the site has been unusually slow for me today. I'm updating the game now though, thanks for the heads up
  2. Just encountered this exact same bug at the exact same place, after killing the same mobs, I've engaged in several combats since, tried leaving the map saving and reloading, resting, game won't allow me to do anything.
  3. Yeah BAdler sorted it out for me and you hit jackpot, I for some reason hadn't finalized the pledge before. It's been sorted now, but thank you for the effort it was very much appreciated.
  4. Huh, I thought I did that last year, maybe I'm mixing it up with the Torment one. But you were right BAdler, thanks so much for the help.
  5. Yeah, it lists all my backings with a green "✔OK" next to it. My email address is also the same that I used with the kickstarter so I'm not sure what the problem is, I better just send support a message.
  6. Hey there, donated to join the order 2 years ago but could never be bothered to ask for a title (Also haven't been too active here). Anyway, I was thinking if I could be called Pillar of the Obsidian Order.
  7. Hmm, maybe someone can correct me but since you don't even seem to have a Backer Badge you might want to contact support. Or did you pledge just now? In that case I'd wait a little longer. I backed the game back in October 2012, I also left a message at the badge request thread, thanks.
  8. I seem to be missing my badges, guessing this might relate to my other problems with my address not showing up and Wasteland key seems missing?
  9. My address tab is totally empty and non editable. My orders tab is also empty but I'm pretty sure I qualified for the Wasteland key. Should I start panicking and running for support or is this known and will be fixed?
  10. I still only see the old 13 level design , otherwise cool update really looking forward to this
  11. You can check here whether you need to add something for shipping or not. (Physical Tier, Shipping is included in pledge) Well, shiii.. maybe I can just change the 30$ for some physical rewards. Have to contact them about that, thanks so much for the link
  12. I also forgot to add the shipping (Although it didn't state I had to at my range) I added it through paypal incase and just put in the "Special instructions" field below the payment overview that it was for international shipping. Also both my paypal and kickstarter emails are the same, so I'm hoping obsidian figure it out when they start contacting people, else I'll just clear the misunderstanding then. They say they will close the paypal donations soon, so my thought was basicly, better safe than sorry.
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