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  1. Hi guys, I think you are wrong. This is not a discussion about the differences between European and American Spanish, that website is not professionally translated. I’m a linguist myself and I can tell you that the translation is not accurate neither for the europeans or the americans. It’s simply wrong. I asked the guys about this issue and they told me that they have a native Spanish speaker (not the same that a linguist) in their offices who did the translation and the proofreading of the text. As I told them, I think it is good to had have that translation during the Kickstarter campaign to reach all possible audiences, but now it’s time to go professional and hire linguists to do that job. Btw, the differences between the spanish versions are being somekind discussed in this thread: http://forums.obsidi...tion-why-spain/
  2. Hi, iceferret and guys, I’m a game localizer myself (from Spain ) and I can understand what you mean. Neverwinter dubbing was quite awkward, but you have to take into account that the game released in 2006 (6 years ago) and things are quite better now regarding game dubbing in Spain. The dubbing company used by Bethesda and the one used by Sony have recorded very good lines for a quite bunch of games. The other point you talked about is not that simple. I mean, it’s true that the number of speakers in latinamerican countries is bigger than that of Spain, but in terms of videogame industry (mostly sales) they are not so big. Piracy is a serious issue, and only the most developed countries, like Mexico, can top numbers with Spain (imho). Anyway, maybe the guys can check the donations geographically to know if a latinamerican Spanish localization is worthy. There are solutions to make the localization “suitable” for both regions (although I personally don’t like them) in text, obviously, speech will have to be recorded two times if they don’t want to create a monster I don’t really know to what extend Eternity is going to be dubbed, but if the guys choose to record some lines for the game, they have good and professional options out there. I’ve already sent them a message to know that they are going to do with this, but it’s really too early in the development process to talk about it. Cheers!
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