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  1. Guys sorry if i missed it, but wasn't the new kickstarter project to be announced back at 2014? They just postponed it for this year (2015) or was , oh god no, cancelled ?
  2. #2 for me too . I don't mind waiting a couple of months. Need the feeling of unboxing the disc and insert it into tray. Yes that long forgotten art ...oh memories... *remembers his age and cries in corner.
  3. Can someone provide us a link for whatever crumbs of info about this new KS project?
  4. Anyone knows where the inteview will appear? Will be on Rock Paper Shotgun or twitch or something?
  5. I for once have total faith in Obsidian. From the work so far through time (Kotor 2, NWN2, F:NV ) and to this amazing kickstarting project (hell i am replaying BG2 right now!) which looks amazing in all those screenshots. I like the 2D style, i like the combat, the lore, the mechanics. Yea bring more i say! RPGs i mean....if you kickstart MMOFPS or whatever, then well....yea....
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