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  1. there is an article about GOG and linux, GOG doesn't intend to support linux any time soon. But it might happen someday.
  2. rebalancing for porting a game just to support multi-touch ? none sense, it's a matter of input and controls it's harder to implement such things cause you have to create those controls to suit the input specially when you are accustomed to use a keyboard and mouse.
  3. cheap and good engine, using UE 3 or Cryengine aren't necessary, + royalties aren't cheap for those two enigines. Though Unigine might have been good for this project.
  4. why not use mojosetup like most of the id software's linux ported games? it's better than having a boring and stupid flamewar about rpm vs deb.
  5. 8 companions and you can use 5, that's a huge number. unless you truly want an army then maybe you should go for an RTS instead, just kidding. I'm worried about having a bunch of over powered team (the avengers-ish team) to fight a horde of monsters.... one thing that i was disapointed with the last few RPGs are the lack of true sandox box. Baldur's gate seires brought some of that, that's why it's so awesome to play.
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