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  1. The question still remains, and it's not a case about it being a hill to die on. It's a question of that so many tombstones could not have taken that long to go through and vet for changes. It's a question of what were they doing that some slipped through? Or a case of miscommunication, what someone didn't get offended by, someone else did? It's not about this one joke, but what else slipped through the cracks, and why? I simply think it's a fair question for someone who put their money into the game as a backer to ask.
  2. The problem is, you can't have it both ways. If this limerick is an issue, then so are her jokes. And if these are only jokes, then why is a limerick such an issue and a problem? I don't really understand.
  3. I have a question. On the Kickstarter page it says that there were roughly 600 people who had that backer tier or higher. Now, I don't know what the outcome of any post-Kickstarter attempts at adding to the funds were, but how does something like this come about? I would have thought there was plenty of time to vet everything, so does this mean that there's MORE content that you didn't get a chance to vet? If so will we be seeing other changes in content or is this the only one? As a backer, I have to admit I'm pretty concerned about this now.
  4. I'm disappointed. I'm severely disappointed that the Bigotted Church of the Perpetually Offended was allowed to push their bigotted mindset and get away with bullying people yet again. Getting angry though isn't going to solve anything though. I'm amused by it all, I'm amused by the second joke that pretty much laughs at the people who are praising the removal of the joke that they didn't even get because they were putting their own transphobic views and desperately trying to hide them with the veil being offended. As far as what I'm going to do with my money and buying more titles,
  5. I think it's pretty funny myself. Don't remove it because of special snowflakes that look for stuff to be offended by and think the world revolves around them. They're purposely twisting this to make it look one way.
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