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  1. Very much agreed. I enjoyed the gameplay footage I saw but this thing immediately started making my eye twitch. The funny thing is that I think the original Fallout is the first game I ever played which had reactivity based on whether you had a gun drawn or not when speaking to an NPC. It would be a regression if in Tim Cain's latest game holstering your weapon weren't an option.
  2. According to their Twitter, yes: https://twitter.com/Obsidian/status/809108473539543041 4 PM PST / 1 AM CET
  3. Hmm, you may be right. I just went in to test in another fight and it was fine. Weird! I'm not sure if it has happened before but I'll keep an eye on it. I don't typically inspect the combat log to make sure everything is working as intended unless something obvious pops out at me (like with Psychic Backlash self-stunning me at the beginning of a fight).
  4. Just noticed something weird in a combat I was in during my last session. I targeted an Amplified Thrust at Edér and it bouced off him to the nearest target as it should, but it also damaged him as well, which you can see in the attached image. He does have the "Take the Hit" talent and maybe it's the interaction with that that is causing issues? Sorry, I haven't done any in-depth testing on this because to be honest, I don't want to spend too much time on it and just want to finish my playthrough. By the way, my cipher also has that occasional self-hitting Psychic Backlash referenced in another thread. [EDIT] Yikes, I just took another look at that screenshot, and it appears the "Divine Mark" proc from St. Ydwen's Redeemer, wielded by Pallegina, did the same thing: it damaged the mob AND Edér.
  5. Oh, I SO don't miss all the pre-buffing I did in NWN2. But it cracked me up when you'd be buffed and have a conversation, and you'd see the characters with stoneskin or whatever. It just looked silly.
  6. Update: I tested leaving Od Nua and going to Esternwood where I fought a Human Skeleton. Amplified Thrust worked against it. I then traveled back to Od Nua, level 2, and fought a Xaurip. Amplified Thrust did NOT work, neither the Pierce damage nor the Push effect. There is no info on the attack roll other than "Nova affects Xaurip with Amplified Thrust, Amplified Thrust (0.7 sec)."
  7. Hey Devs, I've zipped up a save and output_log for my game which has a problem with Amplified Thrust. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4385025/103_0524_steam_amplified_thrust_bug.zip Here is a screenshot, note the combat log:
  8. I'm having this problem with patch 1.03. I noticed it not working against Xaurip in Endless Path of Od Nua. I haven't been playing the game while waiting for the patch, but I remember the spell working before I stopped playing. I only got to Od Nua after the patch, though. When I get more time I will try to include more helpful information if someone else hasn't done so already.
  9. Lot of nice fixes in there. I really hope this gets out of testing and onto Steam ASAP. /pouring some on the curb for Slicken, Mind Blades and Ila. Haha, as a Cipher I kinda figured we'd get a nerf. But with that long list of fixes I'll take it happily.
  10. Hi, Just curious, has anyone been able to get NVIDIA Shadowplay to work, either via manual record or the "Save last 10 minutes" feature? I can't get either method to work. Shadowplay does work for me in a couple of other games I tested, such as Legend of Grimrock II and Skyrim. OK - It appears the game is eating the keystrokes required to activate either mode so that Shadowplay never sees those keystrokes. I just did a test and was able to get it to work by ticking "Allow desktop capture" in Shadowplay, and then when I wanted to save the last 10 minutes, I alt-tabbed to the desktop and did the keystroke there. I guess what I can do is enable that setting before playing and then turn it off when done, so that it's not constantly recording the desktop when I'm not in game.
  11. He's talking about the formations you can set by re-arranging portraits on a grid of square boxes in the formation editor, not the re-arrangement of portraits on the lower-left panel. There are 2 such custom formations you can create, the ones that are the right-most 2 in the formation selection dialog. I would attach a screenshot but file attachment uploading is broken for me (and some others I've noticed) at the moment.
  12. Edit: Ooops I forgot to make a sensible topic title.. can a mod fix it? Something like "[GUI] Scout mode with collapsed interface" Sorry if this has already been reported, I only did a quick search. Problem: I play with the central interface block collapsed. It looks a little odd when I use Scout mode as seen in the screenshot below. Look to the lower left. Maybe a better solution can be found? Another issue with using a collapsed central interface: there doesn't seem to be a quick hot-key way to bring up the formation selection (I don't mean custom formation editor) any other way than pressing the button via mouse-click. Everything else on that central pane is accessible via hot-key. * BTW- I can't seem to get either attachment uploader to work, so I've put the screenshot on Dropbox. Hopefully this works
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