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  1. Pretty sure gear in chests is randomly generated (save for a few named items). Why do you need a fine rod so badly?
  2. I agree that the stronghold seemed a bit sparse and unnecessary (not helped given the achievement for all construction failed to unlock . I was kind of hoping for something akin to Neverwinter Nights 2, where the use of the stronghold was really well done. Possibly spoiled by that in fact Perhaps a DLC or a full expansion might expand on the strongholds role?
  3. Seems a bit complex. In terms of souls reincarnating, having multiple lives and so on, along with the storyline of Hiravias where you explore the concept of how souls must necessarily multiply in order to keep up with expanding populations, it seems as if they are seperate immortal entities. Possibly all fragments of a greater divinity, to borrow something from our real world religious philosophies, in that even if you are one half of a soul split in two you nevertheless share with your 'twin' a long, immortal legacy. On the other hand you (and others) can rip up souls or grind them down i
  4. Interesting. Reading through the posts on this thread, there seems to be a lot more confusion about the plot than what I would have guessed. Seemed clear cut to me: 1. Engwithians wished to find the gods, to find the true meaning of their existence and the purpose of life. After tonnes of searching they failed, finding nothing. This terrified them on an existential level (Thaos describes accepting that there is nothing as a bit like the worst thing he could imagine). 2. To 'save' themselves and the rest of the Kith from a meaningless existence, they create machines that allow the majority
  5. I was thinking about this - could you stealth past most encounters? Also would be interested on how you fought off the last boss solo
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