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  1. It is the nature of these types of games. Besides it makes you choose on how to use your resources. Do I buy the magic vendor sword or craft a bunch of stuff? Just be thankful that POE does not have equipment decay. I hate repair resource sinks.
  2. I agree. Spirit form is ok for early levels, but useless later. Luckily I find the Druid spells very useful so now I have a spell slinger with a pistol. Would be nice if this was corrected though. The Spiritform needs to scale better and take in account the wearable item bonuses.
  3. It has been a few days playing the game and although I've hit a "bug" here and there I am still enjoying this game. It has so far lived up to expectation. As a backer I was not sure what to expect, but I am very happy with what I received. Thank you ObsidIan. I wish the team a future of success with the POE world. -DaxD
  4. I think it's not going to do well for a reputation of Obsidian, crowdfounding is okay, but not after such a big success with PoE1. I am convinced that this title is going to be sold well and there's no need of funding it on Kickstarter again. They should work on PoE2 with money they've already earned and then think about a possibility to ask people for help after having done some main contents of the game, not start from scratch. It simply doesn't look well to ask people for money again and again... even if they sold only 100,000 copies of PoE after the release they'll have 4,9mln euros ~ $5,4
  5. Can't loot fill the small measure of gain via combat? I am not oppossed to receiving no experience from combat as long as a few useful trinkets here or there are gained for doing so.
  6. Combat is just so chaotic right now unless I constantly micro manage the group via space bar pauses. Even then it is hard to see what is happening. I am glad I am not the only one with this issue. I am a big fan of the "spirit" games POE is modeling, and I never had this issue with combat in those other games. In its current state the combat is best served as turn based. I hope some tweaking can address that.
  7. BigWarrior takes 6 damage. BigWarrior is healed for 2 damage. Yea I would have to agree with Nikoloulos's statement.
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