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  1. Yeah this class is just a buffbot in armor, not cool at all. The buffbot proffession is fine, but let's not pretend it's not what it clearly is...this is no paladin, no holly warrior on the front lines of a crusade. If buffs had to be a thing in a paladin, the obvious choice wouldn't be passive auras, but ****ing ACTIVE ones. one could be be like Holly Fervor : For the next 6 rounds, your base attack bonus is increased dramatically (this means attack speed for those of you who haven't played DnD games), your attacks can't miss, and you move 35 % faster. Insert Cooldown. That would be like s
  2. I'm actually less then stoked for this version of support/buff paladin (i will probably not play this class, at least at first) The version of paladin most appealing to me is the one channeling righteous punishment, the divine judgment of their god...indefitigable and relentless, all evil doers that stand in their way shall fall to judgment.
  3. I will be a drow priest if possible. In my experience priests have always been very powerful if not op in most games, including D&D games. I love the utility priests generally provide. In most games i've played priests have always been able to spec into a multitude of different roles, and are generally less restrained. Capable of equipping and utilizing any gear, from cloth to plate...(plate only if speced into it, but yeah). Nor do they suffer from armor spell failure ..Well tbh, I don't really know much about the mechanics of this game, apparently they are making their own unique game..
  4. Well it depends on how well the game caters to different characters...i'll get a feel for it within the first hours I would guess, then decide from there. If the game seems to encourage both evil and good equally, i'll go chaotic good if the character's ive met so far are emotionally attaching. If not, evil all the way baby. Sometimes I feel too restrained by either playstyle though, so I generally always end up feeling most comfortable with a chaotic neutral character. I like evil when it comes to pillaging and looting, or like, for example in dragon age I could do real bad things to get powe
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