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  1. I might as well add my comment here as well... As far as armor goes, I'd LOVE to have scale mail like this added to the game, at the very least, just because it looks awesome!
  2. A good book to use as reference material. I just love this book! Though I doubt it's still in print these days.
  3. The BG maps themselves were absolutely huge. A good example is the full Saradush map I pieced together some years ago for the hell of it (I was going to do every map, but it was just way too much work) http://img.photobuck...es/bgmaptry.jpg This is drastically jpeg compressed, so I got it down to a little under 1 MB for a 3395x2882 map. The full PNG file however, is 16.2 MB.
  4. Yeah, all of the BG fetch quests that I can think of were along the lines of : "Steal this item and bring it back" "Kill this person, bring an item back" "Go find this person that went missing and bring them or an item of theirs back" At their core they sound rather mundane, but there was always a story behind them.
  5. It'll probably be posted relatively soon. Feargus posted this on the KS comments.
  6. If my geometrical proportion estimate is correct, the bottom of floor 15 would put it right about the ankle/top of the foot.
  7. Yeah, this is my wish as well. I would rather not have to use Steam for the physical copy. My digital copy is going on a different computer that has Steam (mostly played by my roomie), but my computer is Steam free.
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