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  1. 1) Classic western dragons, neutral, maybe as bosses. Generally as was implemented in BG. 2) Human-like "drakonid" playable race. Want it so bad! Games lack of good-design drakonids =\ Usually it just lizards or some monster-demonic crap. Reference:
  2. I approve first two posts here. And add Ulduar from WoW: http://images1.wikia...ce_ulduar01.jpg http://24.media.tumb...jlqto1_1280.jpg http://www.wowction....riaya-wow-4.jpg http://wowedge.net/w...c7e51lgalon.jpg http://www.guiaswow....ulduar-raid.jpg and Karazhan: http://www.allforwow...s/Karazhan2.jpg http://www.buffed.de...arazhan_7_2.jpg http://fc04.devianta...gyr-d4fasfh.jpg http://eu.battle.net...ts/karazhan.jpg
  3. Alright, I just imagined Dishonored with cats instead of rats... OH DEAR GODS! Pretty darn please DOOOOIT!
  4. Ok.. Really, race choise sometimes can affect will I be interested in a game, or not. Like for me it is a pretty damn impotant thing. As it is an RPG after all, I really want to role play.. And as it is fantasy game, I really (mean reeealy) want to play something not-so-human! C'mon, for playing human there are bunch of other settings and almost every other game in existence. So I really-really-really hope there will be some more choises besides Human-Elf-Dwarf-Halglings etc-etc-etc. They are generally just humans with different proportions. Ok, and I do not mean that going crazy with insect
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