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  1. 1) Classic western dragons, neutral, maybe as bosses. Generally as was implemented in BG. 2) Human-like "drakonid" playable race. Want it so bad! Games lack of good-design drakonids =\ Usually it just lizards or some monster-demonic crap. Reference:
  2. I approve first two posts here. And add Ulduar from WoW: http://images1.wikia...ce_ulduar01.jpg http://24.media.tumb...jlqto1_1280.jpg http://www.wowction....riaya-wow-4.jpg http://wowedge.net/w...c7e51lgalon.jpg http://www.guiaswow....ulduar-raid.jpg and Karazhan: http://www.allforwow...s/Karazhan2.jpg http://www.buffed.de...arazhan_7_2.jpg http://fc04.devianta...gyr-d4fasfh.jpg http://eu.battle.net...ts/karazhan.jpg
  3. Alright, I just imagined Dishonored with cats instead of rats... OH DEAR GODS! Pretty darn please DOOOOIT!
  4. Ok.. Really, race choise sometimes can affect will I be interested in a game, or not. Like for me it is a pretty damn impotant thing. As it is an RPG after all, I really want to role play.. And as it is fantasy game, I really (mean reeealy) want to play something not-so-human! C'mon, for playing human there are bunch of other settings and almost every other game in existence. So I really-really-really hope there will be some more choises besides Human-Elf-Dwarf-Halglings etc-etc-etc. They are generally just humans with different proportions. Ok, and I do not mean that going crazy with insects and living wardrobes is a good thing either.. It can fit in sometimes, as somebody said, it fitted nice in Planescape, but just because of the setting. Also, some choises are just unappealing for most people.. Imagine a furry giraffe. Or this is just silly... D'oh. As has come from Skyrim madness, most people really liked how Khajiit looks there. Well, me included, thats one of my favorite not-human race interpritation in game. Seconded by Wizardry's Dracons: http://www.zimlab.co.../w8dracon2m.jpg And it is second only because there are not much lore about them (at least in 8, I did not play earlier games) and you can't see any 3d model of them in game. But those portraits are just awesome! Or some pictures of Dragonlance's Draconians are also very attractive: http://s294.photobuc...ze.jpg&newest=1 http://1.bp.blogspot...0/draconian.jpg So.. Khajiits and Draconians will make me crying in happines.. Or something like it. Of course, if they are vizually appealing. Personally, I dont like to play ugly wild oversized monsters, like it is being made sometimes (see Guild Wars Charrs males.. Females looks better). And speaking of Orcs.. I'm totally fine with them, but they are not appealing to me, no interest in roleplaying. But barbarian orc is a timeless classic, hehe
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