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  1. Please, no. When I played 'dragon age of war' on my PS3 I just hated their new tree system. TBH, I just played that game coz'I lost many hours playing Origins and I wanted to check if all those bad reviews were true. I liked what they used in IWD2
  2. I really don't know why some People are still asking for a console version. This project was born to be a computer game. They raised money for a pc only version. So please stop asking for a console version of p:e Thanks for your time
  3. Hello, Does anyone here know if we will have some magic like D&D identify?
  4. I would like to have a narrator like Jim Cummings (Minsc in Baldur's Gate, Master in Fallout, and others in all Baldur's Gate saga, Icewind Dale I and Fallout . Personally, I think that minsc is the best npc in all cRPG's that I have played.
  5. i'm sure that we're located south from north America hehehe São Paulo, Brasil.
  6. LOL it's a hard question, but I have to choose Fallout 2 I remember all dialogs when I had my skullcrusher low int char. Fallout/Fallout 2 are my favorite games of all time.
  7. For my first play I'll have a rogue as my main character. As soon as I learn more about the other classes/races, I'll be able to decide my next chars.
  8. Hello. I registered yesterday here, updated my pledge from 165 to 173 just to be part of this order. Can you unlock brewmaster of the obsidian order please?? Thank you
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