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  1. I'd like the option to be evil but sadly I feel that in most games being evil or a jerk means you miss out on a lot of quests as not everything can have an alternate evil completion path. That said I think fallout 2 allowed you to do things in a fairly 'evil' way a good amount of the time. Killing off the citizens of Gecko in a nuclear explosion comes to mind. As does finding a childs doll then having the option of ripping it to pieces in front of her. I think generally a healthy sprinkling of things like that lets you feel 'evil' while still battling against the antagonist. Combined with plen
  2. Personally I always loved mage's familars in BG2. So I'd be open to the idea of all classes having them, or at the very least seeing familars return in 1 form or another. I don't really agree that they'd all need to be birds though. Their are plenty of animals out there in the world before you delve into fantasy creatures. I think it would be a shame to limit it to birds alone. I think it might also fit in best as a perk/skills where some classes start off with the perk and a base companion and if you skill up the skill it would allow you access stronger companions which you could find/pur
  3. First off I'll just say I'm a huge fan of relationships between the main character and your party. I feel it adds to the connection can feel with certain characters in your party. I would go so far to say not having romance options would be a letdown as it's pretty much a genre standard both in games and literature. Now I won't say it's always handled in a good way. I think basically this comes from sex being the 'goal' of the relationship subplots rather than a just a furthering of a relationship. It doesn't need to be a goal or event, heck it doesn't need to exist at all for a relationsh
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