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  1. Plans to play Arx Fatalis or the Resident Evil remake were momentarily scrapped when I found out that Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden was released in OS X. The game affords a hilarious look into an alternate universe where basketball is actually as important as its most overenthusiastic fans believe it is. This is probably the only game where I can honestly say that my favorite parts are the save points. All of them subject you to the shrill and deluded rantings of an elitist otaku for several paragraphs before you are finally allowed to save your game, and these rants are some of the mos
  2. Beat Shadow Tower: Abyss a few nights ago. I enjoyed the Lovecraftian atmosphere but I wish the game could have been as ruthless as the original Shadow Tower was. In any case, now I can say that I've beaten every game that can be considered a predecessor to Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. The PS2 that I sent to be modded should be coming back to me sometime this week, and when that happens I'll be playing my import copy of Forbidden Siren 2 on it. If it's anything like the first Siren, I anticipate I'll be spending long periods of time incapacitated by fear and completely freaking out. The f
  3. I have a Kindle Touch and I've found the advertising to be entirely unobtrusive. The only times you'll see advertising are when your device has gone idle or when you are on the home page. In the latter case, the ad takes up a small strip of space at the bottom and is easily ignored. The ads are tasteful if not generally relevant to my interests. I recall reading that Kindle users have access to a larger variety of e-books than Nook users. I don't know what the extent of this advantage is, but it's probably something worth keeping in mind. As others have said, if you are primarily going to
  4. False dichotomy. You can be mature while avoiding sexism. The two aren't mutually exclusive. Not insulting women doesn't turn something into banal Disney or "standard channel" fare. Something that is sexist might yet in other ways be mature, but I would argue that the sexism itself is actually immature. War and Peace would not have been more "mature" had Tolstoy lovingly dwelled for paragraph after paragraph on the nether regions of his countess and princess characters. Quite the opposite, I should say.
  5. There's a sequel to that Hark! A Vagrant comic that hilariously shows how this would actually play out:
  6. Not really. Even when men are sexualized in popular culture it is typically not nearly to the same degree that women are. See: http://gomakemeasandwich.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/tera-followup-no-male-castanics-are-not-as-bad-lots-of-pictures/ The above comic does a pretty good job of summing up why I think it's so important not to have oversexualized female characters. It just seems insulting to women that, in so many games, male characters get to be so badass and then they're placed alongside female characters that, frankly, look ridiculous/embarrassing. As has previously been said by
  7. Another more extreme example supporting your point would be beauty standards in Mauritania: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25DxHXz8ZUQ Not related to weight, but the practice of ohaguro (お歯黒) or teeth-blackening in pre-Meiji Japan is another excellent example which shows how drastically beauty standards can vary from culture to culture.
  8. Initially I chose the $140 tier, but at the last moment I switched to the $250 tier for the hardcover collector's book and the signed collector's edition box. All that remains now is to construct a massive shrine worthy of housing this miraculous blessing from the RPG gods (praise be to them!). It goes without saying that the entire house will also have to be ritually purified, lest I corrupt this divine artifact with the taint of impurity and thereby bring a terrible curse upon my descendants.
  9. I'm a huge fan of all of these games except for Knights of the Old Republic (which I haven't played), but I was primarily drawn by the invocations of Planescape: Torment and Arcanum. Because of his work on the latter, I can not even begin to tell you how happy I was when I learned that Tim Cain was brought aboard for this project. It was inevitable that I would donate money to make this game a reality, but without his name attached I might not have been whipped into the sheer frothing excitement that drove me to give up $250 to the RPG gods (praise be to them!).
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